As I hold you now
The world is so serene
Nothing else anywhere is happening
Except the rhythm, you, and I.
I rest my head on your shoulder
And your arms around my waist
Embracing each other
We could not be any closer
And if we did we would intertwine
We could not get any closer
To heaven if we tried
At least you are heaven in my eyes
But the way you take me in your grasp
Our souls are wrapped around each other
No bliss could be better
Then at this moment now
Since reality is nothing but bitter
Always allowing the moments to wash away
Like the tears rolling down my cheeks in happiness
But like heaven I want to
Spend all eternity within you
The real paradise is far away
And I want you to know
That if I never get to heaven
This moment now was the closest I ever got
And remember it was with you
Since you are the closest thing to heaven
That I have ever known
That I have ever seen
I try to tell myself
That this is not a dream
But it feels like one
And I hate it that the dance shall end
So I think of when I will get to hold you again
And I always will close inside my heart
And if you embrace me again
This time I will not let go.
All the emotions I could possibly feel
From every moment afterward since we parted
And as the wind now tries to seduce me
With whispers of sweet nothings
And a caressing of its hands
Like you did over me
But all I think of is you
Since the only paradise I want to ever see
Is the one inside your arms.
And since all I want in life is heaven
All I want in life is you.