Complete emptiness around her
A sea of talk jibber-jabber
Stare at a reality that doesn't exist
For millions of people that's all there is

Noise and speed and the end snaps!
Quick now, bing, bang, boom, flash!
She's fascinated with it, she's entranced
Pretty colors and song and dance

And she's a part of it all, the epitome
Picture-perfect production of society
Thoughtless, faceless, emotionless, empty
Oh god, I don't want to be her
Please don't let me be her

She lives for pleasure, for titillation
She's so happy she OD's again
Smiles and nods and thinks she thinks
Believes what they tell her, the world is at peace!

The war has begun and she sits still
Adrift and lost in an empty world
The TV's not working, what's going on?
Can't she hear the falling bombs?

The war has begun, too late she's gone
The war has begun, she's not the only one
The war...the war has begun
And she's still empty and thinks she's having fun.