We all have our dreams, but to bring them to birth
We have to prove to ourselves just how much they are worth
We're destiny's keepers, whatever they say
For what hope has dreamed, time can't waste away

Who say's that a lion's paws can't cradle a lamb?
What you say cannot happen, I assure you it can
The lies and the legends, false allegations they make
Put them now to rest and the truth may yet wake

There isn't a shadow that light hasn't cast
Frail body, strong spirit, only one meant to last
Your aim is to enjoy life, however you will
For when flesh has failed the soul lingers still

Life sheds a tear at each wasted breath
That sobs in the heart at false fears of death
Think of the fun times, think of the laughter
Stay true to life and not what comes after

Each day that I'm living I'm dying as well
When the next life will claim me, only time may tell
Meanwhile I'm not caring, I've so much to give
And my spirit is growing with each day that I live

May there be no damp lashes when it's time to depart
I'll leap from the ashes, a new life to start
An ongoing cycle, never to break
The Mother keeps giving as much as she takes

For now hope grows within me that as each day is dawning
That in everyone around me awareness is forming
Life is a blessing and fortunate are we
To live out each life so happy and free

No chains may hold us, no manacles oppress
To face life's a challenge and we're passing the test
We're facing the future, forsaking the past
Our souls burning brightly, throughout the ages to last.