I know some people never care,
I know life can be so unfair.
I know some days I want to cry,
I know it's hard not to lie.
I know how some just cannot see,
I know how this world torments me.
I know inside I always bleed,
I know I loathe this world of greed.
I know the anger and the hate,
I know this place will lose to fate.
I know the feelings you hide within,
I know those who burn from sin.
I know this life is ever grim,
I know who believes in Him.
I know the ones who make a choice,
I know who wants to have a voice.
I know those of honest ways,
I know who longs for better days.
I know whose dreams are always slain,
I know how many weep in pain.
I know the people who stand tall,
I know the ones who always fall.
I know.