Kids, this is a very bad poem I wrote a very long time ago. It remains in mass availability only for the brilliant(ly biting) review by Della C. That review is worth the existence of this insultingly inadequate poem. Sorry. I used to suck.

It started with a dream,
And what a dream it was;
A look, a life, a love for us to share.
Of course it began like that,
But sometimes certain things change.
It connects with my chest,
And falls to the ground.
The brick lies there as blood oozes through my armor,
Through the cracks in the breastplate of my armor.
Tears well up in my eyes,
And I can't breathe.
She does it again,
And still I stand dazed and confused.
No one's listening, no one's caring but me.
And I can't speak,
And she doesn't care.
When will the pain end?
If I had to guess, I'd say never.
My heart's bruised and she doesn't care.
My ribs are broken but she doesn't care.
And I still care for her.
I guess I know what I can do
With all these discarded projectiles:
I can take them and build a wall
To protect myself from her.
To protect herself from me.
Because she doesn't care, but I still do.
And it won't get any better,
But maybe I can pretend
That we're still together.
No, I'm not content
To live in fantasy forever.
But at least I'll be safe this way,
Safe from her,
And she won't care.
And maybe neither will I.
And so the wall is growing,
And I can see her watching,
And still my chest is aching,
And now she's gone from view.
Alone, nursing my wounds
And it's getting dark.
The sun is setting and I can hear her outside.
She's crying now,
Wishing she had never woken up,
Wishing I had never given up,
Wishing I was there to hold her.
But I can't breathe anymore.
I can't call to her,
Call to her to set me free
From this wall that I have built around myself.
Why isn't the story over yet?
It was supposed to end before
The sun went down.
I was supposed to find myself a happy man again.
But here I am, and now the sun has set.
She's lying with her head against the wall,
Crying for the bricks she hurled at me.
And now she cares.
Do I still care? More than ever.
But now there is this wall.
A brick is cracked.
And I can hear her crying stop.
My hand is bleeding, but
The brick is broken, too.
I know the way out.
The bricks are falling now,
The wall is crumbling,
And then it's gone.
I fall down, and she's right there.
I find myself
Once again
In her arms.
And she's so sorry, baby,
She's so sorry
For all the things she's done,
And she was wrong,
I can't breathe, and now she cares; she's crying.
But just out of the corner of my eye,
I see her take a brick and then she hides it
Behind her back for still another time.
And I might even care were I not dying,
But as it is I've nothing much to lose.
So I'll just let her hold me till the morning,
And then I'll go and take my leave for good.
Her tears softly kiss my face,
And I'm happy once more
Because of her, and because of her I'm dying.
And she doesn't know,
But I do.
The morning will meet two bodies and one soul.
I'll finally be safe from her attacks.
And you know what?
She still won't know,
And maybe I won't remember.
I can feel her heart beat faster,
And I know the reason why.
I am not surprised at all;
I should have foreseen this.
Her hand moves behind her back
And I know I won't have to wait till morning.
What a fitting end, I think.
And it is over.