In the Dark

I looked out the towering ancient house standing on the hilltop, shivering at the cold in short-sleeves, having been grounded from all parties on Halloween night. I'd run out, but I didn't know why. I was to far away to actually walk to any of the parties I'd been invited to. Suddenly I noticed a light on in the house, in the upper floor room. I wanted to go home.

I couldn't. Something pulled me towards the house like a moth towards flame. I had no choice. As I neared the house, my feet crunching on the lawn's dead grass, I noticed a light under a crack in the door, but when I looked in the window, all was darkness and cobwebs. I reached for the door and it opened with a typical squeak. I was soon gasping in shock.

Despite the darkness still in the windows, the foyer stretching before me was well lit. Brand new, but old-fashioned furniture dotted the ornate walls here and there. I looked to the left with a start as I heard noises. The clink of plates and drone of speech came muffled from a door. There was no light underneath it. I looked at many doors in the room before coming to one that had light shining beneath it, though I didn't know why, as it was a terrible strain on my eyes.

This door was up the stairs and with a jingle of the knob I was soon in a long dimly lit hallway. As I walked down it, to my horror, I found more voices but no sign of lights signaling existence. I broke into a run down the hallway and reached a door with light under it, leading to a spiraling stair. Climbing up it as quietly as possible, I was soon standing before another long hall. At the exact middle was a door with light shining underneath. I opened it and found myself in another lit room. A breeze flitted through green and white curtains and as I walked into the room I could see the moon, almost full.

I started as the lights went out and the door slammed closed very hard, throwing the room into moonlight. Then the moonlight went out as suddenly, leaving me in full shadow and sending a cold chill sliding up my spine. From behind me loud angry footsteps pounded towards me, then a voice rasped, harsh in my ear.

"Welcome to the dark."