Just wanted to say that this poem was not written to upset people or make them angry, it's just my feelings on the horrendous atrocities that took place in Madrid. Sorry if this poem upsets you, it was not intentional.

The day rose as normal,

And the birds sung their cheery song,

Alarm clocks hauled from slumber

The day the train never came

The beggar begged as usual,

School children trudged along

Business people gripped their briefcases

On the train never to come

The floor was still sticky,

And coffee spilt on seat

The broadsheets struggled for space

On the train never to come

Ringing phones were silenced

papers turned to ash

the graffeti on the window

turned to blackened dust

A day started never to remember

Ended never to forget

Souls stole so cruelly

Shall never be forgot.