My World
What is in the world today?
Is it but spinning color?
What happened to all the chivalry?
Is it gone forever?
What happened to all the old ways;
The old pride and dignity?
Life has gotten a cruder touch,
Cruelty and violence is all I see.
Noble blood has been mixed until worthless,
People today try not to feel, hear, or know.
We say hurtful words to each other,
We holler, yell, tease, and bellow.
How we have wronged Mother Earth,
Using her gifts for destruction.
Nobody listens to her anymore,
We, the destructive race of Men.
We have so much potential, energy too,
We could use it to help people and nature,
Instead we use technology for destruction,
Instead of for healing and to nurture.
The climates in the world are changing,
You can feel it in the air.
The water in the ocean is lamenting,
For it is dirty and no one cares.
Beautiful trees are falling,
Landing on the hard ground.
The poor Earth is crying,
But no one hears its sound.
People are making big weapons,
To kill any enemy near.
Why are we letting this happen?
Maybe humans don't really care.