The Ransom

It was almost midnight. Richard set down the briefcase and sat on a wooden bench. It felt good to sit, even though he still couldn't relax. The last 48 hours had been the most hectic of his life. He'd hardly slept or eaten in the last two days. Instead, he'd waited, waited for the phone calls to tell him what to do. He waited for the bank to get the money together. Now he was waiting for the person who had his son.
A man appeared out of the shadows at the end of the train platform and walked toward Richard. He was dressed in black and wearing a mask. There was something in his left hand; his right was stuffed into the pocket of his coat.
I have to be ready for anything, he thought. Richard stood up.
The man raised his left hand to his face. "Don't move," he said. The box in his hand altered his voice. Richard recognized it as the same mechanical voice he'd been hearing on the phone over the last couple of days. "You're here alone?" the man asked.
"Yes, I'm alone. No police, just like you said. Where is Steven?"
"Very good, now leave the briefcase and walk away."
"Not without my son!" Richard yelled.
The man pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at Richard. He held the box to his mouth again. "We're working on the honor system here, Mr. Lynch. I trusted you not to contact the police and to bring the money. Now, you must trust me to give you back your son. Go to your car and wait. As soon as I've counted the money and made sure you're not trying to cross me somehow, I'll release Steven and he'll meet you at your car."
Richard picked up the briefcase, slammed it on the bench and opened it. "It's one million dollars! We had a deal! Give me my son!"
The man walked up and pointed the gun at Richard's face. Richard stared into his eyes, which were strangely familiar. In a flash, the man closed the case, grabbed the handle, and tried to run. Richard tackled him. When they hit the ground, the gun went off. He rolled the kidnapper over as he gasped for his last breath.
Richard screamed when he took off his son's mask.