Confession of a dying wanderer

I'm forever searching through eternity, wondering. What I am searching for I cannot say, I don't even know. I can only come to the conclusion: Someone must have failed me somewhere along the line. There is so much I have to cope with. No one could really understand having not been there themselves. One day it will crush me like falling walls. I will get up and leave and no one will know me anymore; not that they know me now. I am compelled even now to get up and go, something is telling me to. This is why I am searching; answers are out there in the void. Can't someone take me away, now; just swoop into my window and take me? One day they will find out and no matter their reaction it will be the end of me…It will tear me apart. I can't sit here and wait for that catastrophe to happen. This is why I compelled to leave to find something better, what is it, though..? I do believe there is one, someone, who can save me, free me; you know who you are, deep down, you know. All you have to do is realise it. Here comes the end of this confession, the finality of this statement is consequence to my feeling and treatment: I will leave soon and I will probably not come back, in fact; I mean not to.

(To really understand this you have to read between the lines. This is not what it seems. You know how people say 'Don't read into something that isn't there.' Well, ignore that saying for this piece.)