Happy Family

In a cabin in Montana
A lonely family stayed
The parents were very miserable
And the children just prayed

Crying all the time
The mother lusted death
Hoping everyday
She'd breathe her last breath

Hangovers in the morning
Drunkenness at night
The father was in the bar
Looking for a fight

Worried for his parents
The son cried in his sleep
He was deeply depressed
A secret he couldn't keep

Cutting in the dark
The daughter felt no pain
Through tears and blood and sweat
She knew she was insane

Parked in the garage
The mother turned the key
Gas filled up the car
She finally couldn't breathe

Fighting with a demon
The father was without breath
Not worried about the outcome
Because he always hoped for death
Turning on the shower
The son stepped on in
Slowly choking on the water
These tears would be his end

Slashing deeper and deeper
Blood spilled from up high
For once the daughter smiled
She could finally die

The daughter dead in the dark
The mother dead in the car
The son dead in the shower
The father dead in the bar

They are finally happy
Whether in Heaven or in Hell
They really did have love
It's a pity they couldn't tell