This is a think-piece…I just want to get the word out. Please read carefully and review if you feel so inclined.

The "R" Word: Racism

I've encountered much of one 'taboo' subject lately and I've cried about it several times: racism. People please, if you have a chance to stop it, even in a small amount, do so. Those of us who are on the sharp and ugly end of racism are attacked by comments that sear the soul for longer than anyone could imagine. This entry is for one person in New York, you know who you are, who has endured more than I, in all my wonderful 'white' ignorance, ever thought possible. She is the f one person who always reads all my inane writings and thoughts and listens to me pour out my heart even if we have never met face to face. And let me tell you. She's as black as I am white...and I'm pale ass white. And let me tell you something else. She's gorgeous. Beautiful. Wonderful. And exactly the same as me.

     Think about it as you ride by in your cars, mindlessly judging people that you pass, acting not exactly as you would, or just perhaps, fitting into a stereotype that you've preconceived in your mind. Think about how they're probably really not how you imagine, how, if you've ever the chance to meet them, how much better that meeting would be if you dropped your previously formed notions of their personalities and let them show you their true colors, no pun intended.

     My brother once said, "As long as there's culture shock, there's racism," and sadly, its very true. I'm guilty of pre-judging people. But, what I like to think makes me different is that I'm willing to drop that initial judgment and make time and force my mind to be open. If all people did that...imagine the world. I'm serious. Just take a second...and think about it. Just think. That's what people need to do. But unfortunately, its not the stuffs most people are made of and its going to leave my dear friend with more hurts than a beautiful soul like hers ever deserves to be burdened with.

      A girl I met online recently, Katie, a kind and yet tough girl, is an example of the kind of person who gives me hope for the future. Sure, she has an attitude, but when it comes down to it, race doesn't matter to her, and who doesn't have an attitude. Talking with her made me feel a little better about the fate of humanity. She works with kids....all kids of every color, and loves them all. How many people can say that? Thanks Katie for being wonderful. And thanks to the girl who will be unnamed. You know who you are my friend.