Wing of the Searen


WOO, I haven't updated in so long. It's not my fault, I swear! School has been my major focus this year. So, hopefully, I'll get Year Three finished soon, but for now, here is another story I was working on. I was reading it and decided I would put it up. This is just the Prologue, if you like it, let me know and I'll add more!

His feet pounded hard against the ground and his breathing was just about as hard. The tiny child was clenched against this chest as he forced his way toward freedom. The force that propelled him forward was only slightly stronger than the force that threatened to bring him down to the ground. Still he fought on, with nothing left but hope.
All ready he had heard the horrible screams of his dying wife from the distance. Though she forced him to leave, he knew that they knew of him. They would come after him and their child. It was only a matter of time until all of them would meet again in heaven.
As he continued to run up hill, he didn't notice the degrading of the hill. As the hill sloped down ward, the force of the planet finally caught up with him and pulled him down. He fell all the way down the hill, hitting rocks but luckily no trees. Still, he clenched the child even tighter against him, in hopes he could still save their life.
Once at the bottom, the man leapt to his feet, and stumbled. The fall had taken away what was left of his strength. It took all of his effort just to keep himself a foot now. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he almost fell. It was a cry from the child that kept him on his feet. He looked toward the wrap that covered the child. It moved around as the child tried to get the cloth away from him.
"I must continue," whispered the man. And he did.
Farther down the valley there was a small village. A few lights were on in the houses hidden in the forest. The man's face lit with joy as he quickly moved toward the village. Once in side, he was sure that someone would help him.
He may not have known this town all that well, but he knew one family at least. Making a quick dash to their house was the only choice he had. Once he was there, he just stood on the steps, staring at the door. Could he really bring them into this too? The pain that it would bring to them…
Thrusting those thoughts aside, he began to pound on the steel door. There was no answer for a long time, but the man knew that someone had to be home. He began to call out to them to help him. Slowly the door creaked open to reveal a young woman with her light brown hair in a ponytail down her back. On her face was a very surprised look as she opened the door a little wider. He could see that a man with shoulder length black hair stood behind her with an equally shocked look. He knew this people from a Fleet investigation a few years back. He prayed these people would be his child's saviors.
"Please, I need your help," cried the man.
"Abram?" asked the man. It was only then that the man noticed the other man had been holding a gun. The gun lowered once he noticed who the visitor was.
"What's wrong?" asked the woman.
Abram forced his way into the house and gasped for air. The woman quickly shut the door behind him. Abram leaned against the door and slid down to the ground. He hugged his child close to him, knowing this would be the last time he would hold him.
"I'm being the Wing of the Searen," whispered Abram. They both gasped. "They came after you and Moa?" asked the woman.
"She is already dead, they're looking to kill me and my son now."
"Oh Abram..."
"I'm not sure if they know about him or not but...they surely know about me. So, please, will you take care of my son?"
"As in, raise him?" asked the man.
"Please, I beg of you."
The woman gasped, "But Abram, we weren't even ready to start our own family..."
He growled, "I really don't care right now! Please, just take care of my son...please. This is all I ask of you. Give my son a chance at life." He held the bundle up toward the woman.
She looked up at her husband, and then took a step closer to Abram. The entire time her eyes were locked on the bundle. She slowly removed the wrap to reveal the beautiful child to the world. He began to cry, and she couldn't help put pick him up. She drew him close to her bosom. He laid his head upon her and closed his eyes.
"Is he..." the woman began.
Abram interrupted, "He is half like his mother, and half like me."
"Are you sure they don't know about him?" asked her husband.
"I really don't know. They probably do..."
"You said they didn't."
"Listen to me! The Wing of the Searen's true objective was Moa and myself. If we are dead, I hope they will give up. Besides, they will just assume he is dead if he's not with me. I only ask that you tell him what he really is."
"What his is name?" she asked.
He smiled, "Name him whatever you like, you know what Moa wanted to name him. I'm sure she told you; even in the short amount of time you were with her. Just tell him who he is and who we were. Please."
The pair looked at each other, and then back at Abram. They slowly nodded, agreeing to something that would change their lives.
Abram slowly got to his feet and thanked them. With that, he gave his son one last kiss, and left to face his death. He ran back into the woods, away from the village, hoping they wouldn't catch on. After a half hour, they finally caught up with him. It was then that he met his doom.


YAY!! What a happy story isn't it? Believe it or not, but this is futuristic. This was my first real attempt to do something like this. It's hard, especially later, wanting to do certain things and having to make up reasons for them to happen. Anyway, let me know what you think ^_^.