Joy could spill from my o'er filled mortal glass
And splash down upon the souls of those around me
Filling up the cracks in their aching, ashen beings
And they, bubbling over with happiness, would rejoice
Give thanks for all that is brimming o'er with light in this place
So that the darkness would scamper frantically away

And Hate would be replaced by Love in the hearts of men
Brother could look upon brother and be brothers again
Compassion would pour down from an incredible blue sky
And the clouds would always be a pure and radiant white
The rivers would sparkle and flow with rich, delicious water
Confines of men's minds would crumble and inner torment would lose its bite,
Lush river valleys would be so beautiful as to make you wish to die

The trees would whisper in ancient tongues to the creatures
And imprinted upon their bark would be lovely features
Trees just like those that are today
Only all the people's would see their beauty this way

No more red and white puckered fingerprints of Violence upon the skin
We would bid farewell to the vice and drawn out suffering we feel
No longer would we be enslaved inside our minds to the pains of sin
We could take control of our lives and away from our troubles silently steal
Into a world of white and light
Into a place of goodness and sight
And dally there forever.

Then the knuckles of Reality crack
And I am sent spinning back
Into the life I live today
And all the lies I told along the way
I cry a little inside and die a little inside and softly say
If only
If only...