I found a reason to care about,
I found a reason to live by,
I found someone to trust in,
I found a reason not to die.

I live by the memories in my dreams,
I live by the love that seems like glass,
The simplest touch shall break the globe,
Love, is only hate's white mask.

I loved the way you held me tight,
The way you kissed my lips,
The way our fingers found each others,
It's you I shall forever miss.

I hated the way we said goodbye,
Ripped apart by an unearthly pull,
I hated the last look on your face,
I still think about that still.

The last smile I ever saw,
The last kiss upon my cheek,
Leave me here to fend alone,
Leave me here all meek.

I thought I found a reason to live,
To forbid the blood from staining the floor,
A reason to leave all the tears behind,
But to love you again? Never more, never more.

By Siobhan
Date: 28/April/2004