She's Somebody

She's in a gold chiffon dress
And she's headed this way
But will she ever confess
With the words she must say?
Now she's face with a green sea
Of once adoring fans
Who do wish she would break free
Of all her future plans
It's all so hazy
Cameras are shoved in her face
She flashes a clean smile
With all the lies in this place
She slips into denial
Fame holds the deceit-made slop
With his sparkling hands
She's no ladder built with hope
To meet unclear demands
Is she sinking?
Media clutches onto
A silver microphone
As she writes her own review
She's in the dark, alone
Her shiny eyes are misty
Where friends lead to betrayal
Her plot lines are so twisty
But easy to portrayal
Roll the credits
Her necklace glitters brightly
And her chestnut hair rich
Her gold skin shimmers lightly
She sways without a glitch
Her bronze sandals tap the floor
With gentle echoed clicks
And the crowd will now adore
All her delightful tricks
She's somebody