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I stand alone on the beach. I look out towards the ocean. Ryan walks up behind me and pushes me into the water. He starts laughing.

"Ahh, I'm soaked now," I yell.

I chase him yelling. I see a cute asian girl standing alone. I stop and look at her. She stood in the light from the sunset. The light hit her face. She looked over at me. All of a sudden I hear loud steps, like someone running. Then all I remember was being tackled.

"Hey loser," they said.

I lay on the ground half awake now to see John Shinka standing next to me. I get up and look for the girl. She was gone.

"Whatcha losers doing?" John asks.

"I was chillin', listening to some techno untill you freaks showed up." I said.

Mike Ippanippan came walking up to us. We all took one look at him and,

"RUN!" I yell.

I start running past John and Ryan. They follow. I finally shake them off me so I go home. I sit and watch T.V., it was the Simpsons. It was the one where bart does the job of being menu boy. I remember so many episodes still. I gte interupted when the funniest part comes on. It was Amber.

"Demon Knight is soooo awesome," she said.

"Yeah," I say, "for the 50th," I hang up.

I decide to go to sleep. I have a dream where all of my friends were making a band. Then I woke up to find myself not in my own house but at Ryan's.

"Dude," he said, "You were out for a while!"

"What?, why am I not in my own house?" I ask.

"Dude you passed out from running away. So John and I dragged you here," he said.

"Weird. Hey? Have you ever thought of starting a band?" I ask.

"No. Why?"

"Just wonderin'?

We both decide to leave to walk to my house (for real this time). We get there to find Eric standing outside the house with a lighter and a bottle of deodorant spray in his hands. He lit the lighter and sprayed the deodorant. Instant flame thrower. He puts it to my house.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yell.

He just stops and laughs at me. I walk towards him and he aims the "flamethrower" at me. I jump back. He doesn't know but i was armed. I pull out 3 Kunai. I whip them at his hands. 2 hit his fingers holding the spray. The other breaks through the lighter.

"I said stop!" I yell.

Eric runs away bleeding from his hands. I see him jump into a car. The person driving was Ashley Neko. I take 3 more Kunai (I have 9 in my pockets) and throw them at her tail lights. Both break. I run after the car to get my Kunai back. I retreave 3 all together (6 now, Eric and Ashley have 3). I go inside and Ryan turns to go inside. I hear the phone ring. I pick it up. A mysterious voice answers.

"Hello." he says.

"Hi, who is this?" I ask.

"Your contract supervisor." he says.

Now the techno beat kicked up in the backround on his phone. I don't want to hang up cause it sounds so cool.

"I was wondering if you and 5 other people would help make me a band for my club." he said.

"What club?" I ask.

"Ibiza, you've been here before. You seemed to know one of my D.J.'s. Amy, was it? Yeah I say you when she was letting you try D.J.'ing a little. You're pretty good and I want you for my techno band."

"How long?" I ask.

"Not sure yet."

"Aight, I will see. What's the number?"

He tells me the number.

"I hope you will accept. Amy can't wait to see you again." he said.

"Where is Amy? Is she still D.J.'ing?" I ask.

"No, she had to quit for some reason. Got a little tied up, if ya know what I mean." he said.

"Alright I'll call you later." I say as i hang up.

I go to find 5 friends right away. The first 3 peeps I pick up are Mike Ippan-chan, Ryan, and John Shinka. So all I need is 2 more and we gots us our band. The other part was to think of a name.

"Shi-shizuka?" John asks.

"That's your responce to everything," I say.

We go to the nearest club to see if any of our friends are chillin' there.

"I love this song," Ryan says.

"Me too," John agrees.

It was stompin' to my beat.

"Yeah good for you have fun. I'm searching for friends." I say.

Mike stays silent and goes to talk to people that none of us 3 know (John, Ryan, and I). I go alone while Ryan and John dance like idiots to stompin' to my beat. I look over to see the same asian girl.

*Why does she look so familiar* I think to myself.

I look at her as she walks away.

"It's... it's... no it cant be... Amy?" I wonder.

She runs out of the club. I chase her to find she's nowhere in the streets. I get confused.

*Why have I seen her twice but still haven't gotten the chance to talk to her* I wonder.

There ya go first chapter... R+R and I will continue. Amy is a name that I like. She is not one of my friends. I made her up for this story. Amy is what I'd like my girlfriends name to be. It doesn't have to be. Well anyways chapter 2 should come around the corner soon. I will work on it. I'm so busy though that I can't type sometimes. Aight fans R+R please. And PEACE OUT --- funny song.