Chapter 2 of Dream into Reality

~A/N: I am currently switching between this story and Naomi's life.... these will be my biggest projects yet. This is chapter 2 the plot starts to thicken but yet it will get thicker by the next few chapters don't worry... This chapter goes up to the airport... So R+R and ENJOY! Also thatnks again to my fans that I have here on!!

I wake up the morning. I looked out the window to see Eric trying once again to light my house on fire. I open the window and look down. I pull out 3 of my Kunai.

"Remember these?" I ask.

He runs off again and into Ashley's car.

*He did that the last time too, what is this?* I thought

I sat confused yet amazed at how stupid this really was. I go to get my mail around lunch time.

*Ah an invitation to a party, maybe I can find 2 people there.* I thought opening an invitation from anthony.

I decide I will go. It was set for the following day. I had no other contact that day, except if you count the neighbors dog trying to eat me again.

The next morning I get up and got dressed and quickly jump into my car. I start it up. I pull out of the drive way and fly down the street. I go to Anthony's party at about 11:00AM (EXTREMELY EARLY I KNOW). The party lasted until 3:45PM. I didn't find anyone. I return home to find Eric once again trying to burn down my house. I reminded him of my Kunai. This time though I also had my Katana. He jumped into Ashley's car again. So I go inside and check my messages. I got a call from Francis saying he wanted to join the band. Ryan had told Francis I guess, and i completely forgot he LOVES techno (Possibly even more than me, and that's crazy). So i tell him sure. Francis is Ryan's best friend. He's a cool guy, and sometimes crazy. He makes up dance moves that are so bizzare but yet so cool looking. Only he could pull of those moves.

Later that day I decide to go talk to Ashley Neko (Eric jumps into her car), to see what the hell was going on.

I ask her, "Why is he so pissed at me?"

"He thinks you ran over his cat on Saturday (Today is Friday)." She said.

"Last week? I didn't even have my car last week. Let alone I didn't even know he owned a cat." I said.

"Oh, I will tell him right away." she said.

"Why were you there," I asked.

"I beleived him," she said.

So I left after that and came home (No Eric this time). I go inside and use the phone to call that man back from Ibiza.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi, I'm up to 5 people all together. We can't find 1 more," I say.

"That's fine I expect you in a week." he said.

"Ok, I'll tell them right away." I say as I hang up the phone.

I never once asked for this mans name. So I called back.

"Yo," some other voice answered.

"Hey is uh... the owner there?" I ask.

"Uh... he just uh... left." the man said.

"Can I know his name for future reference?" I ask.

"Saikou," he says.

"Ok," I say, "Bye," I hang up.

*Saikou is a name of a car in Midnight Club 2. Weird, I think it's a fake name.* I thought.

Well I warn thwe others about our departure next week. We all get ready. The week flys by and soon enough it's the week to leave. We started towards the airport. We get our tickets and wait at the gates. I see that girl from the beach and the night club again.

"Amy!" I yell.

Every girl named Amy turned around and looks at me, except her.

*Stupid Idea* I thought.

I ask the stewerdess, " Who is that girl?" I asked while pointing at her.

"Who?" she asks, " I don't see who you're pointing at. There? There's no one over there."

The girl walks through the gateswe go through. I look at her face. It looks like she had been beaten. I followed her from a distance but couldn't catch up. Then we get on the plane, and she's nowhere to be seen. I fall asleep in my chair to my CD player (Listening to techno), I fall asleep. Off to Ibiza.

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