Stop This Entire Hubbub
By:Andrew Troy Keller

At first,a lovely female senator named Hilliary Nixon
Was on her to obtain the entire US Presidental nomination--
And that there was nothing on Capital Hill that
Could stop that certain Idaho born cat
from sinking her claws into such a nomination.

But that was before she had arrived for work
And bumped into a stranger who was a real jerk
To her--or was he?
After she got into her office,Hilliary was able to see
that the guy was only posing as a jerk
In order to slip something inside her pocket.

After she noticed that it's an envelope,she opened it--
And her eyes suddenly grown as wide as the Montana
Sky,for inside the envelope was a photograph of her and a
Jessica Alba type beauty--and they were both naked in it.

And along with the photo was a note for her
That said,"Give up the nomination or this goes to the papers!"

At that moment,she decided to go to an old
friend named Senator George Clinton to help stop this bold
Blackmailer from giving her anymore trouble during her

Race for the Presidency of the United States
Of America--and of course,the one thing she hates
Are sex scandales that ruin the careers of even the very bold
Canidates who also want to become the President.

"Do you know this woman?",asked Senator Clinton,
Who asked her with the mention
Of pure shock in his voice.

"Yes,I do.",she answered."Her name is Joyce
Ritter--and we were once lovers back in my college days.
This picture was of us at a hotel celebrating her birthday,
Which is April the Twenty Eighth.We were listening to some funk
Music,gotten ourselves drunk
On some cheap champaign and had no choice,
But to allow ourselves to make love in the bathtub."

"Well then,we better stop this entire Hubbub
From spreading throughout Capital Hill.",
Said Senator Clinton,who was still
Unable to believe that Hilliary would make love in a bathtub
With another woman.

Anyway,he was finally able to put his best man
On the job of finding the blackmailer and get him
To stop making the lights go completely dim
During Hilliary's race to become the first woman
President of the United States.

Of course,in such a quick enough rate,
The investigator has found the very man

Who had stuffed the blackmail photo into Hilliary's
Pocket--and his name just happens to be
Peter Osbourn,who happened to be one
Of the aides of Hilliary's rival,Herbie Dunn,
Who was also running for the Presidency.

Suddenly,it had finally made since,for the only way
To make sure that Hilliary's Presidental run never sees the light of day
Was to make her sexual past come out into the open,
Have the American public see her in her moment of sin
And force poor Hilliary to drop out and get out of his way.

It would've worked though,if it weren't for one thing:
Hilliary's got herself some good friends helping
Her get to the White House
By making sure that everyone was as quiet as a mouse
About the particular scandle that nearly ended her running
For the Presidency permenately.