Flat the silence marked and flowing
Hence the Fire came and slew
Sorrow in the breeze unfolding
Far and spread from ones they knew

But small the drop that marked the shadow
Snuffed the Flame, as small drops do
'Till but a Spark remained in darkness
Darkness from which chaos grew

Treachery then know the story
A death, a drop, its only need
So rose the new Flame with no glory
Pale and lifeless in its greed

An age of darkness, dampened shadow
No laughter of the merry Flame
The ghostly Fire lit but only
Those who helped in darkness's name

But with Spark of light a plant may blossom
With a drop a rose may grow
And soon the Flower opened fully
So to take back the ground it knows

The ghostly Flame then, in its fury
Sought to burn the Flower's heart
Who shot its lightrays out in glory
And gave the light a joyous start

In true light no ghost Flame can flourish
So with despairing flash it died
And rejoicing, newly kindled
Spread through the chaos far and wide

New, proud Fire lit the candle
That formerly had stood unshone
Shine far out in rays of new light
On shadows that one drop had sown

Bright the days for many seasons
As the Fire flared so strong
Oversaw the lands with kindness
Unlike the first Flame, for so long

But every Flame must some day flicker
Every Fire has an end
And so the Flower softly faded
As the raindrops sought to mend

The new lit Flame was then erected
A Spark, just bright for not so long
The tiny and uncertain Flower
The Bud that could perhaps grow strong

Rain is good within its lightness
Rain can help a Bud to grow
But floods and torrents uproot Flowers
And snuff a Spark like silent snow

The flood that pressed upon the kingdom
To harsh for a mere Spark to bear
Against the Tower, newly risen
The Flower wilted in despair

Silently the blow had fallen
Ringing, though, the fight began
Flame and Flower, burning, raging
Strong against the Tower's hand

Many years the fight continued
Many Sparks and drops were slain
Defeats so great, battles so strong
That could have been the Flower's bane

Fell they once, and twice with passing
The Flower faded, darkness's way
But so the Tower also crumbled
Regrown, rebuilt, were both next day

Twenty times the Flower faded
Twenty times the Tower fell'
So passed a score 'till they abated
Impossible for kings to quell

By two kings, the fight was started
The Tower stood against the Flame
But still continued, long unheeding
The pleading in their rulers' name

When the Flower's roots were burning
From the Fire's spreading war
When the Tower's base was crumbled
From the flood it once strove for

Two kings, with grief and pained despairing
Swore an oath to strike no more
Flame and Flower, flooded Tower
Receded back to end the war

Now Flowers grow around the Tower
And Flaming sunlight lights them all
United to delay the darkness
For inevitably both must fall

When silence grasps the curling Fire
To bring the storm upon the land
Flames shall die within the dark rain
Towers fall from lightning's brand

What a symbol, crushing hope
What a stone to cast the storm
Joyous in the darkest hour
Perhaps can spare the world's true form

Worlds have many forms and shadows
Share the loss and grief of ones
Who live upon them, loving, caring
Delight with them in dawning sun

Perhaps the world can save its people
If roused, it shall protect its own
To show its love, perhaps invoking
With courage its people have sown

The mercy of the raging wind.