Grown Too Fast

I've followed a thousand roads.
It's nothing compared to getting lost in woods.
I feel lost in these halls,
Even though I know my way.
Remember the days where we wished we were older?
Now we are, and I want to go back.
I grew too fast,
I lost the little child in me.
I want to find her.
Just yesterday I feel like I was in 2nd grade,
Showing off my invisible pet.
Everyone in awe.
And now I'm here and I must be in reality.
My play world disappeared.
Now the grown world is here.
I need to soon be on my own.
When just yesterday I was holding my mother's hand,
To cross the street.
Growing up seemed so far away,
Now it's the opposite with my younger days.
When we were little
And we thought our hearts were breaking,
When we hurt ourselves.
Now our hearts break,
When we think we're in love.
Now I'm just a teenager.
Then soon before I know it,
I'll be 20.
So my only wish for the little ones,
Is to be happy you're still so little.