Chs 5-9: where they are

Hey all, Biscayne here with a little update of the location of Reinstitution. It is now a website of its own, located at Considering some of the emails I have gotten personally from querying fans, I just kinda figured the masses might want to know what happened to the story. But first, a little hint of why I moved.

I have always wanted to share some of my writing in the same way webcomic artists do, in an annually updated, interactive way. And since my drawing skills are limited, I figured I would try and annually write something. Well, was I in for a surprise, as are most aspiring webcomic artists. Deadlines are much harder to meet when you promise them, and two weeks of chapters were missed due to this problem. The reviews I have received, on and off this site, convinced me that I had my candidate for a web fiction title.

I do apologize for the little history lesson, and reinstitution fans from the site may wonder why I moved, so I figured I might as well tell the masses.

Please visit the site, sign the guest book with ideas for future chapters, and please save the flames for the original! ^.^ -Biscayne