My name is Elizabeth Lamond, and I would like to take you back to the year of 1912, when one of the greatest maritime disasters that ever happened, occurred.
I was fifteen at the time, with golden red hair that fell down to my waist and emerald eyes that often changed color. My life was being turned upside down, as I had to travel from my favorite country where I had been living most of my life back to where I was born, America. I was traveling with my parents, who I was not on the best of terms with. They were quiet people, and often cared not for others, but for money and themselves. I was shy, not very outgoing, and I disliked ships in the worst way, which made me even quieter. I was afraid of the deep, cold water, and the sharks that I knew must be there.
I felt the cold ocean breeze blow across my face, filling my nose with the salty smell of the ocean. I could feel the droplets of ocean water on my skin as the wind sprayed droplets on my face. The sound of a ship soon to be leaving port drifted to my ears; the sobs of loved ones, the happy voices of people overjoyed to be leaving the country, the solemn sounds of people saying goodbye, and the pompous greetings and good- byes uttered by the first class. The faces flashed before me; the dirty, sad or happy ones of third class, the solemn, but happy ones of second, and the conceited looks that were often thrown around by the first class.
One particular face caught my eye. It was a boy, soon to be man of about sixteen. He had straw colored hair and eyes that were like lakes, big, deep, and blue. He was handsome, you could definitely say that. His clothes were rags, as was the satchel he carried, and he was boarding the third class plank. He looked up and met my eyes for a second; I caught my breath, his eyes were so piercing. I looked away and continued up the plank way to where doormen were waiting. Plunk plunk plunk. The sounds of my shoes echoed throughout my head like the bars of a prison being shut.
When the doorman took my arm, I almost jumped up, but managed to stop myself. As I entered the Titanic I shivered; this just didn't feel right.
Later that evening I had to get all dressed up for dinner. We would be dining with all sorts of famous people, who I could not even remember their names. As I was being laced into my corset I grimaced because I remembered one name of a person who I would be dining with: Alexandria Carl. She had always been mean to me in boarding school, being a fair weather friend. She had sneered at me when we weren't "friends" and had been sticky sweet when we were. She was the only person who had ever been even a tiny bit of a friend to me; all the others thought from my looks that I would be a complete snob, which hopefully I was not.
The maid continued sliding the frock over my head, then once that wad done, did up my long gold hair. I looked like a china doll. I went out of the cabin and waited for my parents. When they got out my mother immediately started to berate me.
"Put a smile on your face. You're old enough to be courting, and you should be. Boys should be swarming around you." I regarded my mother with a forced smile, trying to be nice. My relationship with my parents had always been forced, and I suspected it always would be.
"Yes, mother."
"Be polite to everyone and use good manners," my father said. I just walked along quietly, trying to push down my anger and tears. They frustrated me so much; it was like I couldn't be perfect. We finally reached the dining room, which I was very grateful for. I followed my parents to a table, where I sat down at the end near the other teenagers like myself. There was Alexandria, and three boys I didn't know. Alexandria had her look on; it was one of the snooty variety. One of the boys was dark haired and handsome, the other was light haired and skinned, and the third had spectacles and looked like he thought himself the smartest person in the world. Alexandria spoke first, as the boys just stared.
"Well if it isn't Elizabeth. Miss I Know Everything."
"Well if it isn't Alexandria, Miss I'm Not A Good Friend," I replied. She looked snottily at me, then went back to talk to the dark haired boy. He kept sneaking looks at me, which I just glared back at him in reply to. The light haired boy played with his fingernails and food. The other boy, the one with spectacles, started up a conversation with me. I was sorry to say, but he was very boring. He knew to much for his fourteen years, and it was of the military and science departments, which I loathed in the worst way.
"America has a growing military. It is becoming bigger and better. They just might be world powers some day. And they have a lot of new scientists coming around..."I didn't catch the rest of it. I just looked at him and nodded occasionally, trying to look interested. I couldn't eat anything, for my fear of ships and this voyage was still hammering in my head, making me very uneasy. The rest of the meal was filled with the boy's, Edward, endless droning and the bickering of the adults. As soon as I knew it was done I bolted up and headed towards my cabin, glad to be able to fall asleep and get away from this nightmare that people called a voyage on the unsinkable Titanic. All I have to say is, the people who claimed that it's unsinkable must be not right in the heads; no ship is unsinkable.
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