Chapter One:

Faith McKenzie. She was the typical popular girl. She had tan skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and was the head cheerleader. She was always saying hi to someone, smiling, greeting people, because she knew everyone and everyone knew her. There was just something about her that made you think of a Princess or a Queen. She seemed so perfect, clothes always cute and in fashion, her nails always done and her makeup always flawless. She wasn't catty or bitchy, like some of the popular girls and while she didn't hang out with the "nerds" or the "geeks" she was never mean to them, either. She got good grades in her classes, the teachers seemed to like her, and she was never in trouble. She was the most popular girl at St. Peters, and everyone loved her. And everyone thought she was perfect, until the day, the principal came over the intercom to announce that Faith McKenzie had killed herself. That was the day when everything fell apart.

It causes me deep sadness to inform you, that our dear student, Faith McKenzie, took her own life last night. Faith was a wonderful student, an excellent cheerleader and an active member in the student council. Grief counselors are on campus to provide emotional support for anyone who needs it. Please ask your teacher for a pass and come to the office if this is the case. Thank you.

We were staring dumbfounded at the speaker as if we couldn't believe what we had just heard. And then it started. At first, it was one girl. She began to cry, her eyes widened in horror and her hand thrust over her mouth, trying to muffle her sobs. She stood on shaky legs and ran out of the classroom, the second she was in the hall we heard her screaming, then the door closed and silence remained. For a split second and then, girls began to scream, choking on sobs, falling out of their desks to the floor, shocked and scared, shaking as if they couldn't control themselves. They clutched at each other, sitting together, crying in tight groups. One girl stood and ran to her boyfriend, burying her face in his chest as he stood, looking numb, and just stroked her hair. And then the some of the boys lowered their heads to their desks, sobs moving through them. Others, just sat, shocked and still in denial, probably. One boy stood, a football player, and walked out, his fist cracking as he hit the door on the way out. A few students followed him, a couple with dry cheeks and stunned expressions and some with wet cheeks and a look of disbelief on their faces. I looked up at Mr. Johnson, for reassurance, for something, anything, but he had tears rolling down his cheeks. Silently, he was just standing, clutching the overhead, as if he needed for support.

Then, I couldn't see anything, tears were blurring my vision, I stood, needing to breathe, to get some air. I pushed the door open, after fumbling over the handle, with one look back on my English classroom, I walked out. The hallway was filled with groups of students, some sitting and some standing, crying, holding each other, and talking quietly, a few really angry faces in the mix. I somehow managed to find a space on the wall and I slid down, the principal's words ringing in my ears. 'Our dear student, Faith McKenzie, took her own life last night.'.Faith had killed herself. Faith, perfect Barbie doll Faith, had committed suicide.

The whispers I heard were voicing the same thing I was thinking. I heard a few scattered comments. "How could Faith kill herself? She always seemed so happy." And "I talked to her like two days ago and she seemed fine. She seemed completely normal." I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the world and reality. I felt someone tap on my shoulder gently; I forced myself to open my eyes, more tears slipping out as I did. It was Sam. His eyes were red, his fists were tight at his side and he looked ready to hit something and collapse at the same time. I stood, unsteadily, and opened my arms. He captured me in a hug so tight in knocked the breath out of me. All of the sudden, something snapped, something was released and I was screaming, cussing, weeping, and fighting against him. He was whispering something in my ear, like, "God, she's gone. How can she be gone? Oh, god." Over and over again, but I couldn't fully comprehend his words. I was still trying to comprehend the truth, that Faith was gone. Gone. Forever.
"Sam, I can't breathe." I couldn't catch my breath. I was gasping for air and choking on my hot tears at the same time. "Oh, my god. I can't feel." I was numb, nothing could touch me, I was starting to lose everything, it was slipping into darkness. I felt myself go limp in his arms as more loose sobs echoed from the people around us. I tried to look at who was beside us, but all I could hear were those words, 'took her own life last night' and the screams and horrible sounds. And then, there was nothing.