Even though the candles may burn,
And the glass shatters in your hand,
Even though your bones may ache,
And your heart holds so much hurt.

Even while the time passes by,
And death slowly creeps up,
Even while your skin curls,
And your eyes go from blue to gray.

Even the way the light shines,
And the moon hides behind the sky,
Even the way the grass bends,
In the unforgiving wind.

Even tears fall from the old,
And they do touch the ground,
Even tears salty and wet,
Disintegrate into the earth.

Yet even when all seems gone,
And you are cadaverous,
The way you move or use your voice.
Goes unnoticed.

Even then hope still stays,
It clings to your frail frame,
An outstretched hand from a wonder land,
To take you far away.

By Siobhan
Date: 29/April/2004