~-Demonic Wings-~


Why do things happen as they do? A question asked by many, yet it is always never truly answered. Many events have happened in our world, our universe, yet there is one that I have never understood. Perhaps I should start at the beginning and tell this tragic story of one who threw the first stone and set a path of darkness before us.

Long long ago a great God named Varda was born. This God was lonely so it created a planet filled with life. Soon afterwards Varda joined it's life force with the planet and became the planet itself, so that it may be with it's children for all eternity. Before joining with the planet, Varda created four Gods and four Goddesses to perform specific duties on the planet. For thousands of years the planet lived in peace, that is until an untimely event would change the course of history forever.

Serias...the God Serias, one of the eight, followed his duty of recording the activities of the species of the planet and controlling the flow of evolution. Little did he know that the events that were about to transpire before him would cause the very destruction of the world before him...

~-Chapter 1 - Innocence-~

It all began on a day that seemed like any other day. A day so peaceful that any signs of impending doom or of the apocalypse were nonexistent. Fate is strange in that way, the days go by and all the bad events that happen within our everyday lives seem to happen on a day that we least expect it to. However, nothing could prepare the world of what was about to happen...

Upon an isolated field far from any sort of civilization, one being sat alone. This being sat against a tree, silently reading a book while the tree's shade covered his entire being. He looked around the age of 17 or 18 and wore a white sweatshirt and matching white baggy pants. Around his waist he wore a blue 'kilt' with gold trimmings that cut off around the sides of his legs. He wore blue boots with a gold line going straight through the middle. He also had long shoulder length green hair, the back being tied in a pony tail and the front separating into two large bangs that hung off the sides of his face. His eyes were a bright blue color, they were the kind of eyes that gave off the feeling of innocence. This man was called Serias, The Recorder God. His duty was to study and record the actions of the species of Varda and to manipulate the flow of evolution, if it was necessary.

The God took of his glasses and let out a large yawn. Nothing interesting was happening as of late and all he had been doing for the past few months was reading books.

"How boring..." He said to himself with a sigh. "Why can't the Humans and the Kobolds start fighting again? At least then I'd have something to do." Serias then started to stand up when he smelled a familiar scent. It was the scent of lavenders. He then began to look around his field and saw that there were no lavenders around. That could only mean... Serias began thinking.

"Ah, there you are." A female voice said behind him. Serias turned around only to see his sister Neisha, The Goddess of Nature. Neisha had long blond hair, with a large bang covering her left eye and several other bangs around her right eye. She wore a two piece white dress with gold trimmings. She also had a pink ribbon around her stomach, chest, and on the upper parts of her arms. She just stood there smiling at Serias as he looked at her.

I thought so... Serias thought with a frown as he headed back to the tree and said,"Go away Neisha."

"What?! I haven't seen you in several years and this is how you greet me?!" Neisha yelled while stomping towards Serias. In response, he began pressing himself closer to the tree. It had been a while since he'd seen Neisha angry and she can get very scary if she got any angrier.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, but I'm not really in a good mood today." Serias apologized as he returned to his book.

"What's the problem? Nothing bad has happened on the planet recently."

"Yeah...that's the point..." Serias muttered. Neisha could tell that Serias was just going to ignore her again so she began to look around the field for something to get Serias back in a good mood. That's when she saw a small lake in the distance.

"Hey Serias! Think fast!" She shouted as she created a tunnel of water out of the lake. She then threw the tunnel at Serias, causing an explosion of water, which resulted in completely soaking him.

"That wasn't funny." Serias said in a dangerous tone.

"Heh heh, so what are you going to do about it?" Neisha asked in a playful tone. Serias stood up and then backhanded the tree behind him, completely shattering it as if it were made of glass. Now Neisha, being the Goddess of Nature, can sense the feelings of all living organisms, including plants and trees.

"That was low..." She said in all seriousness.

"And so was soaking me." Serias said back, now with a playful tone in his voice. Neisha couldn't help but smile.

"So...are you ready?" She asked. Serias nodded as he got into a fighter's stance and the two suddenly vanished. Everything on the field was dead silent, not even the birds were chirping. Suddenly the silence was shattered by a large booming sound when Serias and Neisha reappeared. Serias was lying on the ground while Neisha had one fist extended. She then looked down upon Serias.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Owwww..." Serias moaned in response. Neisha just sweat dropped at Serias' pathedicness and then said," Wow, you've really gotten weak over the years." In response to that comment, Serias leaped up onto the ground and got into another stance.

"Oh yeah?! I'll show how strong I really am!" Serias yelled. After the outburst, Neisha just began laughing, making Serias even more irritable.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to make you angry. Anyways, Avohei(The God of Fate) told me to tell you something."

"Huh? What is it?"

"He said that he felt something strange recently and that something big is about to happen."

"You mean like a war or something." Serias exclaimed, sounding very excided. Neisha looked at him strangely and just shrugged.

"Beats me. He just told me that he wants you to be ready to record all of this."

"Great! I'll do it!"

"Okay then. Well, I have to take off now. I'll see you sometime later then." Neisha said as she walked off. Serias then began to jump around excitedly after hearing the news.

"Wow...I guess things are about to get more interesting after all." He said as he began to float up into the air. He then looked down upon the world and saw that nothing was going on. The Kobolds were busy hunting prey, the Myrmidons were tending to their crops, the Mermaids were having a festival and the Humans were doing their normal activities. There was no sign of a war in sight. Confused, Serias decided to watch the Kobolds hunt. They were hunting a horse that was giving a great chase and eventually ran into a farmer's field. The Kobolds stopped dead as the farmer began running towards the horse. Serias watched in delight, Kobolds and Humans never got along too well.

"It's alright Lucky, you're safe now." The farmer said while petting the horse. That's when a silver furred Kobold began to walk forward.

"I'm sorry sir, we had no idea that it was your horse." The Kobold began.

"Yeah right! You filthy mongrels...It's just like your kind to hunt our livestock." The farmer spat at the Kobold. One of the others was ready to attack when the silver furred one stopped him. v

"Please sir...We don't want any trouble..." The Kobold began stepping towards the farmer as he pulled out a shotgun.

"Silence beast! Now, get offa my property!"

"But sir-"

"I SAID GET OFF!" The farmer screamed as he fired the shotgun at the Kobold's face, killing it. The other Kobolds then retaliated and killed the farmer and taking his livestock. During all this Serias was laughing. He found such delight in this action that he found it funny.

"Whew! That was nice!" He said as he began looking around for more action.