Welcome to my Live

By Darkladyknight

Chapter one


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Jason Preston stared wide-eyed at the two men in front of him.  Both were completely unaware of his presence, the man on top, his dark hair tied up tight to his head was straddling the others chest and cackling.  He had never really heard anyone cackle before, but that was defiantly a cackle.  The other, a football player no less was handcuffed to ring that attached to the floor to lift the trap door.  He watched as the smaller of the two leaned down slightly to run the prop whip that was in his hand over the others face gently.

"Come on Bobby, I know you can scream." The soft musical voice said silkily as the whip slipped across the jocks wide-eyed face.  Jason must have made some noise because all of sudden the small man turned to look at him, his amber colored eyes lightened with a devils glow.  "Look Bobby, more has come to play."

"Damn it Drake get off me and let me up, this isn't funny anymore." Bobby hissed from the floor causing Drake to look back down at him.

"Oh but when you thought you had me you thought it was funny," Drake said his voice while sounded teasing was laced with a bit of anger.

"Mr. Adams stop playing around and let him up." The teacher, a woman of about thirty said shaking her head as she walked by.  Jason watched her go, what the hell had he stepped into.  Didn't the woman realize what was going on?  Did she not see that one of the students was handcuffed to the ground?

"Ah that's no fun," Drake whined as he shifted off his captive and undid the handcuffs.  Sitting on the stage he watched as Bobby muttered something about him being a prick as he walked off.

"Do you always indulge in your fetishes in school?" Jason asked watching as the man looked at him.

"Only when I can get away with it," Drake said picking up the handcuffs with one finger.  "Care to give it a whorl?"

"No," Jason said staring at him unbelievingly.  Drake Adams was a senor like him, but Drake was only about five foot four, and about a hundred pounds.  His hair color if you could call it that, was unique.  Thick dark lashes framed his almond shape amber colored eyes.  His skin was bronze, like he spent a lot of time out in the sun.  All in all the senor had an exotic look to him.

"Come on now, by that look you must be thinking something kinky," Drake said startling Jason from his thoughts.  He had wondered what had happened to the sweet quiet man from the classes they shared.  "What to tie me up and have your way with me?"

"What?!" Jason asked hearing that cackle again.  He felt his face flame, this time bringing a real laugh from Drake as the man pulled himself to his feet.

"Did you want something Jason or did you just come to intrude on my fun?" Drake asked suddenly serous as he started to pick up props from around the stage.  Jason noted to that the accent was gone, he hadn't even realized that Drakes voice as taken on an almost snobbish tone when dealing with Bobby.

"I was asked to interview the participants in the schools play, and since you're the lead I thought I'd start with you." Jason said watching as Drake stopped and spun to look at him.  "And to write a review of the play."

"Ah, well then." Drake said bowing low.  "I shell welcome thee to drama 101."

"Come on Drake, we don't have all day," The teacher said walking by again.  Jason watched her go; he had never had the chance to meet the woman.  Mrs. Brown he had heard was a total flake, and after what he had witnessed after stepping through the door that led to the stage he had to agree.

"Yes Mistress," Drake said with a smile as he followed after the woman.  Taking a handful of steps Drake turned back to Jason.  "Come on cur, we ain't got all day."

Jason followed after the man; he didn't know what to feel.  Except maybe that Drake needed some serious help.  He had heard of multi-personality disorders and wondered if that's what Drake had.  He stopped as they entered a small room filled with other cast members.

"All right everyone attention please," Mrs. Brown said.  "This is the finally dress rehearsal, and there will be a handful of students in attendance.  Mr. Preston will be writing a review of the play and has asked to interview those participating, so since you all have a few hours, I would like you to take some time out to talk to him."

Positive response went around the room, most of them didn't seem to worried.  But in all honesty Jason was, he had heard some pretty bad things about the drama club and was hoping what he had witnessed wasn't the norm.  He watched as a girl pranced over to him, her costume was gold and shinny, hugging her figure tightly.

"Hello Jason," She said her voice sliding over him like to sweet chocolate.  But before he could say anything Drake appeared at his side.

"Back off wench this cur is mine," Drake hissed, there was that accent again Jason thought.  He watched in fascination as the girl started at Drake considering they were of the same height.  With a huff she turned and walked away leaving Drake with a trumpet gleam in his amber eyes.

"I don't know if I should thank you or bite you." Jason said looking down into Drakes eyes almost losing himself in their color.

"A good cur doesn't bit the hand that feeds him," Drake said turning and seemly bringing Jason out of his stupor.

"Stop calling me a cur," Jason said lamely.

"Why Jason Preston, we all know you're a dog," Drake said sound so much like a woman Jason stopped and stared.

"Can you be serous for a minute, at least so I can get this interview done?" Jason asked watching the smile that crossed Drakes pale lips.  The only thing that stuck out on the man was those lips, a pale pink, almost like a baby rose pink.

"Jason?" Drake said his voice now normal and was laced with a bit of hardness.  Jason looked up to meet Drakes eyes his cheeks turning slightly pink at being caught staring at the man's mouth.  He muttered sorry and followed Drake when he was instructed to.

Drake opened the door to his dressing room.  Yes he smiled to himself his private dressing room because everyone else was afraid of him.  He let Jason into the room and shutting the door turned to look at the other senor.  Jason was tall, six foot even, with a mop of dark brown hair and pair of amazing sand color eyes.  Not brown, but not really gray either. Somewhere around that soft sand you find at the beach.

He watched as the 'reporter' slowly surveyed his surroundings looking slightly nervous.  Most like what Drake would look like if he had to walk into the school paper room.  Yet the thing that Jason didn't understand was that he was on Drakes turf, and he planed on using that to his advantage.

"Sit boy," Drake said watching as Jason turned to glare at him.  Drake just smiled, he had heard the stories.  Jason was considered a dog among the girls only because he wouldn't bend to any of them.  And the fact the man had the head of a bulldog on his shoulder blade from a bet he had lost.  "Couch?"

"You refer to me as a dog one more time Drake, and I'll sink my fang into you." Jason hissed not realizing he was just adding more wood to Drake's fire.  He watched as the man crossed the room to stop in front of him looking up.

"Please have a seat on the sofa, I have to get ready for my performance." Drake said with that woman's breathy voice again.  With a loud angry hiss Jason dropped onto the sofa while Drake went to the dressing table to sit. He was quiet as he pulled the bobby pins from his hair waiting for Jason to say something, or start his questioning.  Looking into the mirror he found Jason's image.  Jason was sitting on the quietly fiddling with his notebook.  

With a sigh Drake shook out his waist length hair.  Picking up his brush he started to brush out the small tangles.  He loved his hair; he thought it was his best quality.  Again his eyes went to Jason's figure in the mirror, but this time he could see the man looking at him.

"So is that a color or did something puke on you?" Jason asked watching Drake raise an eyebrow in the mirror.

"My my, you are certainly one to talk." Drake replied although he couldn't say anything about Jason's hair.  But he could say something about that car the man drove that alone looked like it was on the receiving end of a paint shop explosion.

"Well?" Jason asked smiling slightly when he saw the flustered expression.  Drakes hair was what he suspected, several dyes mixed together giving it a rather shinny mud color, you know like after you mix all your paints in a glass of water.  Except it changed in most light, making different colors come out.  Under the stage lights it shown a deep reddish black.  And in natural light it shown auburn, with deep brown.

"I like to call it mine," Drake said going back to his brushing.

"Ok puke it is," Jason muttered writing something down.  "So how long have you had that little fetish?"

"Fetish?" Drake asked pulling his long hair over his shoulder to continue to brush it.

"Oh you know, handcuffing football players to the stage and taking a whip to them, you know the whole, 'I know you can scream'."  Jason asked watching the devil smile that came to Drakes face.

"That was for mere amusement, simply because he told me I couldn't do it." Drake replied.  "And he simply is so much fun to play with."

"I see," Jason replied writing more in his notebook.  Drake sighed again it was killing him.  His natural inquisitive nature wanted to pull the notebook from Jason's hand and see what the man was writing.  Suppressing the feeling Drake went back to getting ready, he slowly started to apply his stage makeup.  He really felt bad that Jason had seen that little episode, except he couldn't take Bobby's taunting any longer and the man had deserved payback for calling him all those names.  "Drake?"

"Hum?" Drake replied realizing that he had missed the question.

"How long have you wanted to be an actor?" Jason asked glancing up again.

"For as long as I can remember," Drake replied going back to his makeup.  "I suppose it's my way of separating myself from my unhappy home."

"Oh," Jason said not sure if the man was messing with him or not.  "So other then the drama club what else do you like to do?"

"School related or personal?" Drake asked leaning forwards slightly.

"Either or both," Jason replied writing down a few more notes.

"School I like Art, and run on the track team when they need someone to fill in, and beside acting, I like to write plays and such.  At home I play the drums, spend my time reading, and I love to be outdoors in nature."  Drake replied concentrating on his make up and missed the look that crossed Jason's face.

"Ok that's all I need for now," Jason said as he stood, he watched as Drake turned towards him.

"Well that was mostly painless," Drake replied smiling.

"Well wait until I talk to your supporting cast," Jason said grinning as he left the room.  He made his way slowly through the rest of the cast, finding that while they had much respect for Drake, they were weary of him.  Apparently his mood swings were well known in the drama club.

Jason found himself sitting next to Mrs. Brown as they waited for the play to start.  He had asked her a half dozen question about the play since he hadn't heard of it before to find out that it was something Drake had dug out from only lord knows where.

"He likes to role play," Mrs. Brown said out of the blue.  Jason looked at her somehow knowing that she was talking about Drake.  "Like when you arrived, what he was doing to that student, its not like he was really going to hurt him."

"Are you sure?" Jason asked seeing the woman glance over at him.

"Yes, besides how many characters of his did you get to meet?" She asked smiling at his look.  "What you don't think I know of that particular defense mechanism he does?"

"Defense?" Jason asked thinking it was more of a sickness then a defense mechanism.

"Oh sure, when he first saw you it was the snobbish voice with the slight accent," She said.  "And then there was he best Shakespearian voice, which means you must have either said something or did something to make him feel less threatened."

"Ok," Jason replied finding this completely intriguing.

"And then there was the sweet servant voice, of course what he said want very nice, calling you a dog and all." She replied with a soft laugh.  "And of course while here you're one of the few he's talk to normally."

"Oh, well what about the woman's voice?" Jason asked seeing her look slightly surprised.

"Don't know that one, must be new."  She replied.  "So what did he say to with this voice?"

"He told me I was a dog, and that he had to get ready for his performance." Jason replied watching as a smile came to her face, and she laughed.  Jason didn't get to ask her what she was laughing for because the lights dimmed and the play started.  Jason sat back, if it was one thing he hated, it was badly acted plays done for high school.  Yet as he sat there watching he was completely amazed by Drake's performance.


Drake made his way back to his dressing room.  He had something he wanted to do before the big show started, at least give the chance to rest.  Walking over he found a single rose sitting across his dressing table.  Looking down at it he didn't pick it up, it was a pale pink, almost white.  He couldn't think of anyone who would leave him a gift, and the gesture didn't seem all that malice.

Turning away from the flower he went to his closet to pull the cell phone from his jacket pocket.  Dialing his mother's number he tapped his foot while he waited.  It seemed like forever before she finally picked it up.  "Hello?"

"Mother, are you coming tonight?" Drake asked quietly his voice quivering slightly.

"Coming where?" His mother asked her voice slightly out of breath.

"My play opens tonight, I told you this morning.  You said you would come." Drake replied blinking rapidly as he felt tears prick his eyes.

"Ah Darling, I'm sorry but something come up, and your father is taking me out to celebrate." The woman said completely oblivious to her son's feelings.

"Oh," Drake replied hoping that she could hear the pain in his voice.

"Don't worry Darling, your father and I will come see it soon." She said as Drake heard a males voice, his mother's squeal and the phone go dead.

"That man is not my father," Drake hissed glaring at his phone just before he whipped it into the wall breaking it apart.  Crossing his arms over his chest he turned his back on his smashed phone while he took deep breaths to keep his temper in check.

After a few minutes he turned back to his dressing table, his eyes going to the rose.  Walking over with a sigh he sank down into his chair then reached out to pick up the rose.  Putting the rose to his nose he inhaled deeply.  Well at least someone appreciated him.


Jason sat in front of his computer, leaning back in his chair he laced his fingers behind his head as he reread what he had written.  A small smile found his face as he shook his head and noticed that most of his article was about Drake, and mentioned the others very little.  And then of course the other half of the article raved about how good the play was, and what a riveting performance Drake gave.

Straightening up he brought his hands back to the keyboard to polish his article a bit and at least make it sound that it was the whole cast who made the play and not just Drake Adams.  Keeping his grin he continued to type and found that when he was finished it was longer then it needed to be, but really didn't care.

Monday morning Jason found himself at the school pretty early pacing outside of the editors office waiting for his fellow class mate to finish reading it.  He looked up as the man walked out of his office staring at his slightly as if he had some sort of revelation. 

"Well?" Jason asked.

"It was certainly interesting," The editor replied.

"Come on Bret what does that mean?" He asked leaning against one of the desk.

"I liked it," Bret said smiling.  "It also shows that you found the play intriguing, and we've all seemed to underestimate Drake Adams."

"Yeah kids a strange duck," James replied as he stood.  "So what page do I get?"

"Oh the front, I think this is just what the student body needs," Bret replied as he walked back into his office.  Jason smiled turning to leave the room and head to his first class.  It was one of three that he had with Drake Adams.  Going in he sat down and pulled out his work.  Oh he hated history.

Half slumped in his chair he looked up as students started to file in.  It was close to the last students that Drake walked in, at least the man was back to his regular self.  Drake's long hair was pulled back in a braid; he was wearing a pair of glasses and dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of tight black pants.

The class dragged by, and Jason was very glad by the time that lunch rolled around.  He was twice as excited because the paper came out at lunchtime, and his article with a picture of the drama club graced the front page.  Grabbing one he headed to a table to sit with his friends.

"Nice article Jas," Derrick said looking up from what he read.

"Thanks," Jason replied looking up as Derrick's girlfriend dropped down next to Derrick with a big smile on her face.

"Oh my god," She breathed.  "That was the coolest article this year, I never knew you felt so much for drama Jas."

"I don't, but it was a good play, and the acting was nice for a change." Jason replied nodding as more complements come his way.  He really hadn't thought it was all that spectacular.  But hey if the students like it, that was fine with him.  Shaking his head he finished his lunch then headed to his last two classes.  Shop class and auto shop.  He loved them both; he loved to work with his hands.

"Afternoon, Mr. Preston." His teacher Mr. Shepherd said as Jason walked in.  "I liked your article and review on the play, I hadn't seen it but I'm thinking I'll take my wife this weekend."

"I was surprised, last year the plays sucked," Jason replied heading over to the car that they were still working on.  He liked the program that the school did, donated cars were repaired and then donated to originations that helped people and couldn't afford to purchase their own.

Jason was up to his elbows in grease and engine parts when he felt it; someone had the nerve to hit him in the back with something.  Pulling back with a scowl he turned to his attacker and was met with the newspaper hitting him in the chest.

"You Jason Preston are below a cur," Drake hissed pulling back to hit him again.  Jason reached out grabbing the wrist that was holding the paper.

"What the hell Drake, everyone loved the article." Jason said asked slightly amused at the look on Drakes face.

"This is not a review, how could you?" Drake hissed reaching up to hit Jason with his free hand.   But Jason was faster and managed to catch the wrist keeping both hands slightly up. It would seem in Drakes anger his didn't care that Jason was getting grease all over his wrist and arms. "Did you see this?  How could you say those things about me?  And how dare you stick that word in conjunction to my name?"

"Of course I saw it Drake, I wrote it.  And what are you talking about?" Jason asked noticing that several of the students found his predicament funny.

"Oh I don't know, how about 'I found the play to be extraordinary, not a soul in the room could not be moved by the riveting performance of the vivacious Drake Adams?'  What did I ever do to you, you you flee bitten cur." Drake hissed pulling his arm free of Jason's slick grasp and hitting Jason in the forehead with the paper.

"Stop hitting me," Jason said grabbing the arm again.  "And it was a complement, you happen to act very well, why are you upset?"

"Because I haven't been called Drake since lunch." He snorted out.

"Excuse me?" Jason asked not sure what the man was talking about.  Hell for the past hour and a half he'd had his head buried in an engine of a car.

"I have been referred to as Vivacious Adams, and how could you know it moved anyone, there was a total of five people in the audience." Drake hissed kicking at Jason's shins when the man had the nerve to laugh. He was so angry he could almost ring the grease covered cur neck.

"I came back Friday night, stood in the back and watched the audience," Jason said moving to avoid the boot headed for his leg.  "And don't worry, the name will wear off in a couple of days."

"You had better hope so," Drake said pulling away to glare at him one last time before turning on his heals and marching away ignoring the rest of the class.  Jason grinned as he watched the retreating back, he couldn't believe that one little thing could make the man so upset.  Hell most likely by tomorrow it would all be forgotten.

To bad Jason was wrong, and by Friday the whole school was still talking about it.  And to his utter horror Vivacious Adams had evolved into Vi Adams, and now no one, not even the teachers were calling Drake by his name.  And of course Drake had spent the week glaring at him.  He really hadn't thought the word would have such an impact on the students of Harver High, but apparently it did.  Yet as mad as Drake was at him, he couldn't complain, because almost everyone in the school had seen the play, and so attendance for outside people were way up.

So here he was starting his weekend being yelled at over the phone as Drake promised to make the rest of his senor year hell, and he didn't do something about the ridiculous nickname he now sported Jason wouldn't have to worry about graduating.


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