Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life

Chapter 12

Drake closed his eyes trying to sleep. Jason had been out twice this week, with what he said was work stuff. But both times the man had come home smelling like perfume. Closing his eyes, Drake tried to ignore the tears that slipped passed the lids. Hearing the door open then close, he rolled to his side to pretend he was asleep. He wondered if Jason would even notice that he wasn't in the bedroom.

Earlier that day, he had talked Tate into helping him get a new bed into the apartment. One that he had set up in the spare room they had. It was a few minutes later he heard Jason in the doorway.

"Drake?" Jason said coming into the room. Setting down on the side of the twin bed, Drake felt him touch his arm. "Drake? Why are you sleeping in here?"

"You smell like perfume Jason," Drake hissed catching a scent of the now familiar perfume clinging to Jason.

"What?" Jason asked sounding off his game.

"Woman's perfume Jason," Drake said pulling away from as far as he could get. He heard Jason leave the room, and squeezing his eyes shut, Drake felt a new set of tears fall. He hated this, hated this feeling. Jason was his best friend, but all of a sudden the man had pulled away.

The next morning Drake woke, his head slightly sore. He hadn't slept well the night before and rolling out of bed, he headed to the kitchen to make coffee. Looking out over the apartment, he saw Jason on the sofa. He paused in what he was doing before finishing. Once done, he walked over to Jason and nudged the man.

"Why are you sleeping on the sofa?" Drake asked seeing Jason look up at him.

"What?" Jason asked reaching up to rub his eyes.

"Why are you sleeping on the sofa?" Drake asked again.

"Because I won't sleep in our bed alone," Jason said hearing Drake humph.

"Your bed," Drake said seeing Jason look up surprised. "Your apartment."

"Our bed, our apartment," Jason said sitting up to look at him. He was about to say something more when Drake finally sighed.

"Fine, our apartment." Drake said turning back to the kitchen, to pour himself a cup of coffee.

"Do you not want to be here anymore?" Jason asked seeing Drake look slightly surprised at him, before the man moved to pull something out of the fridge.

"I won't stand by while you go out fucking anything you can," Drake hissed as he crossed to the doorway. "I won't Jason, I can't."

With that said, the door slammed behind him leaving Jason staring dumbfounded. A few seconds later, the phone rang, to which Jason would have just loved to ignore it. But getting up he walked over to answer it.

"Hello?" Jason said.

"Hey Jas," Came his mothers voice.

"Oh hey mom," Jason said walking over to the cup of coffee that Drake had poured but hadn't drank.

"Ok, tell me what's wrong," Roxanne, said her voice filling with concern.

"It's Vi, I think he just accused me of sleeping around on him," Jason said quietly, hearing his mother on the other end as she decided what to say. "And no mom, I'm not. I wouldn't do that to him."

"Well, there must be something that gave him that idea," Roxanne said hearing her son laugh dryly.

"I don't know, I'll talk to him though," Jason said. "So why did you call?"

"Oh, yeah. I wanted to invite you and Vi to the party your father and I am throwing." She replied. "But with you two fighting."

"We're not fighting mom, when is it?" He asked.

"The Friday before school starts," She said.

"Ok, I'll talk to Vi and let you know," He said.

"Ok, bye," She said, Jason hung up his phone, reaching up he rubbed his forehead. With a sigh be headed into bathroom to shower.

"Don't tell me what I do and don't know," Drake hissed as he glared at Tate.

"You're being an ass, Vi," Tate said seeing the glare worsen. Which he hadn't believed it could get worse.

"My name is Drake, please use it." Drake hissed turning away from the man before he completely lost his temper. With his lack of sleep and the thing with Jason he wasn't in the best mood.

"Are you ok?" Tate asked his voice filled with concern.

"Fine," Drake said shaking his head. In a week school started, and he wasn't sure what he was going to do. If Jason did find someone else, then he wouldn't be able to stay. It would hurt too much.

"We're done for today," Tate said softly. Drake nodded, as he gathered up his stuff and left the building to walk back to the apartment. He walked slowly, not in a big hurry to get home. In fact he had spent the entire day avoiding going back to the apartment.

Getting home, he paused outside the door hearing voices. With a sigh he pushed the door open to enter the apartment, his eyes stopping on the woman he didn't know sitting at the counter with a wine glass in her hand. She smiled at him.

"Jason, you have company," She called out. A second later Jason came out of the bedroom, his eyes stopping on Drake.

"You're home," Jason said sounding guilty.

"Yeah, sorry," Drake said his voice slightly uneven. Tears filled his eyes, as he crossed the apartment towards spare bedroom, where most of his stuff was. He closed the door, not even listening to the voices from the other room. He blinked, trying not to let them fall, but one slipped down his cheek.

"Drake?" Jason said stepping into the room.

"Don't worry, I'll be out of your way in a sec," Drake said moving around the room to grab a few thing. Moving back he started to shove the stuff into his bag.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked reaching out to touch him, only to have Drake pull away.

"I won't stay here with that woman, and next time I would appreciate you letting me know before you bring dates home," Drake said turning back to finish up packing his clothing.

"She's not my date," Jason said seeing Drake didn't even pause in what he was doing.

"Fine girlfriend," Drake said suddenly stopping to turn to him. "I hadn't realized I was here just to give you something to do on lonely night Jason."

"I never," Jason hissed his eyes wide.

"It's the same perfume you've come home reeking like for the past week," Drake said picking up his bag. "I was a fool to even thing someone like you would even want me."

"Damn it, Drake." Jason hissed seeing the man move towards the doorway. As Drake opened the door, Jason's temper snapped. Grabbing him, Jason slammed the door back closed before backing Drake against it. Drake looked up, fear in his eyes as he meet Jason's very angry face. "You will stop, and listen to me."

"Let me go," Drake hissed unable to stop the tears.

"She's not my girlfriend, or my date. In fact, she's nothing more then a photographer I work with," Jason hissed moving to pin Drake tightly to the door.

"Then why is she here?" Drake said looking up at him, he stopped struggling.

"Because I wanted her to meet you, so you would see that I haven't been doing anything wrong." Jason said softly. "I love you Drake, and I wouldn't cheat on you."

"I don't know what to believe Jason," Drake said looking away; he tried to remember what Derrick had told him. Tried to remember the way Jason touched him. He looked back up at Jason, tears slipped from his eyes. "I'm so scared sometimes, I don't know how to deal with what I feel. Loving you is so easy Jason, but it makes me scared."

"Don't be scared sweetheart," Jason said leaning slightly to rest his forehead against Drake's.

"All right," Drake said. "But could you back up now?"

"Yeah," Jason said taking a step back. He smiled at Drake as he reached out to take the bag from the man's slack fingers. "Come out and meet her, and then well eat and send her away."

"Ok," Drake said following Jason from the room.

"Joy this is Drake, my boyfriend." Jason said watching as the woman smiled at Drake.

"Jason hasn't stopped talking about you, it's nice to finally meet you," She said shaking his hand.

"Oh," Drake said glancing back at Jason.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind me barging in like this, but we had to finish up the assignment that Mrs. Glassine gave us, and Jason offer dinner." She said grinning. "And well, I was tired of take out."

"Oh," Drake said again as Jason pulled stuff from the oven. They sat around the table, the meal quiet. Joy asked him about the drama program, and his parents. Stuff about, his summer. Soon they were sitting around the table with dessert and coffee, and drake could see how Jason came home smelling like perfume, since he was pretty sure he smelled like perfume and he hadn't even touched the woman.

"Well it's late, I should run. Thanks you guys for dinner, it was really fun." Joy said as Jason walked her out. Closing and locking the door behind her he turned back to Drake.

"I need to shower," Drake said shaking his head. He grinned at Jason as the man smiled back at him.

"Yeah, she wears that pretty strong," He said crossing the room; he stopped just in front of Drake looking down to meet the man's eyes. Reaching out he looked at Drake waiting to see if the man would pull away. But as his hand made contact Drake stepped into his embrace.

Jason smiled, pulling Drake towards the bathroom and the shower. Starting the water, Jason started to pull the clothing from Drake's body. He grinned as Drake returned the favor, and soon they were both smiling as they caressed each other. Jason pulled him into the shower, slowly letting his soapy hands run over the bronzed skin. He loved Drake's soft smooth skin.

"Jason," Drake said as they left the shower, and made their way, soaking wet towards the bedroom. Drake yelped slightly as Jason felling with him to the bed, pinning him under his weight. Drake shifted, letting Jason's weight settle more fully against him.

Jason grinned, shifting so he could let his hand run down over Drake's side. His mouth moved to Drake's neck, gently nibbling and sucking on the smooth skin. Letting his hand move down Drake's body he wrapped his hand around the man's hard member.

"Um Jason, that feels good." Drake whispered arching up against the hand. Reaching up he wrapped his arms around Jason's shoulders pulling the man down to kiss him. Spreading his legs slightly more Drake looked up to meet Jason's gaze, a smile on his face.

"I love how you smell," Jason said burring his nose in the crook of Drake's neck to inhale. He tightened his hand on Drake's hard member, squeezing slightly pulling a moan from the man. He smiled, loving the small sounds and breathy moans from the man.

"Jason, I want to feel you in me," Drake whispered licking at Jason's ear.

"No," Jason said shifting to move further down Drake's chest, licking and nipping along the way.

"Please," Drake whispered softly wiggling under him.

"You're not ready," Jason said shifting to hold Drake still under him. He pulled back looking down into Drake's face seeing the once passion filled eyes, were now filled with anger.

"You have no right to tell me if I'm ready or not," Drake said pushing him away. Sitting up he glared at Jason. "How would you know if I was ready or not."

"Because I do," Jason hissed, seeing the man start to dress. What the hell had he done wrong, first off he didn't think Drake was ready to take the step. "Drake you're just not ready, you don't know anything about it."

"Yeah I do Jason, I looked." Drake said pulling a tee shirt over his head before turning to look at the man.

"So you've looked it up on the net, big deal." Jason said seeing Drake glare at him. "I wish you'd stop and listen for a minute."

"No Jason, I won't." Drake said. "God I wanted to have sex with you, we've been together six months."

"Drake," Jason said watching the man leave the room. Falling back onto the bed, Jason closed his eyes as a sigh escaped him. Fine let Drake go out and sleep in the spare bedroom. That was until he heard the apartment door open then close. With a mutter cruse he got up pulling on his clothing.

Pulling on his shoes as he crossed the living room Jason was still cursing Drake as he went. Exiting the apartment he headed towards the bus station, but stopped when he saw Drake wasn't there. Turning back to the apartment he headed back in to get his car keys and the dog. He stopped when he saw Kathy standing in her apartment doorway.

"Jason," She said her voice surprisingly serious. "Drake asked Mike to take him somewhere."

"Should I be worried?" Jason hissed seeing her look surprised.

"About Mike? He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body," Kathy said with a small laugh.

"So where did he take Drake?" Jason asked seeing her shrug.

"I don't know, Mike is headed to his parents house for the weekend, and Drake asked if he could drop him off. Mike said yes, but I didn't hear where." Kathy said seeing Jason nod as he went back into his apartment. Pacing in the kitchen he wasn't sure where Drake would go.

Maybe to Jason's parents house? He wouldn't go home would he? Shaking his head, Jason went into the room to through some stuff into a bag. Coming back out, he grabbed Edgar's leash, and clipping it to the dogs collar he left the apartment. He stopped in front of Kathy's door and knocked.

"Yeah?" She said coming to the door.

"If Drake comes back, would you call me on my cell?" He asked holding out a piece of paper he had written his cell number on. She nodded taking the paper, and then turning to watch Jason head down the hallway. Exiting the building, Jason let Edgar into the car, before sliding in behind the wheel.

The drive to Jason's parents house was quiet, Jason didn't want to think about what would happen if Drake returned to his mother's house. Glancing at Edgar he shook his head before looking back out at the road.

Drake knocked on the door to his mother's house. He hoped that she would be the one to answer the door, but wasn't that lucky when Jack opened it. He could see surprise on his stepfather's face. He stood there, waiting for Jack to say something.

"Well, well, what possible could you want?" Jack asked.

"I'd like to come home," Drake replied dropping his eyes.

"Oh and what of Jason?" Jack asked seeing Drake look back up at him.

"Jason doesn't want me anymore," Drake replied seeing the evil smile that came across his stepfather's face.

"Gave him what he wanted huh?" Jack asked seeing Drake shake his head no. "You didn't sleep with him?"

"No, we didn't have sex, he didn't want me that way," Drake said hearing the man laugh.

"So here you are, thrown everything away for a man who didn't want you that way." Jack said laughing again. "Do you want to come back, Drake?"

"Yes sir," Drake said knowing he was about to make a deal with the devil.

"Alright, but there are some rules your gonna have to agree to," Jack said leaning against the doorjamb. Drake nodded, and Jack continued. "You have to quit the drama program, and make business management your major, and you're going to have to become someone your mother and I can be proud to show off, and you're going to have find a girlfriend, agree?"

"Yes sir," Drake said seeing Jack's smile. Jack moved out of the way, letting Drake into the house.

"Oh and where is that mutt of yours?" Jack asked not seeing the dog.

"I left him with Jason," Drake said quietly as the door closed.

Jason entered his parent's house, the dog in tow. He saw his parent's look up concerned to see him. Especially with Edgar and not Drake, knowing how, protective of the dog that he was.

"Jason?" Roxanne said standing.

"Drake's not here, is he?" Jason asked seeing his family shake their heads no. He sighed, unclipping Edgar's leash seeing the dog head towards Vincent.

"Jason is something wrong?" Allen asked seeing Jason shrug slightly.

"Drake got upset and left, I don't know where he went, but I was hoping it was here," Jason said seeing his parents get up to head into the kitchen. Jason followed, going to the table to sit down.

"You want to tell us what happened?" Roxanne said seeing a cup of coffee down in front of her son.

"Not really," He replied looking up as they came to sit down. "I don't think you'd really like to hear, besides it was really just a misunderstanding, and once I find him, I'll explain." Jason said getting up.

"Jason its late, I'm sure Drake went somewhere safe." Roxanne said seeing her son sit back down. Jason was exhausted, with the hour drive and the worry. And it was late, he sighed looking up at his parents. "Try to get some sleep, and knowing Drake, he'll be home tomorrow, if not tonight."

"May I should go back to the apartment, in case he comes back," Jason said seeing his parents nod, even though they'd rather he'd stay there. "Can Edgar stay here?"

"Sure, and so can you," Allen said seeing Jason shake his head no. Saying goodnight, Jason left the house to drive back to the apartment. He stopped seeing Kathy step out of the apartment.

"I saw you coming," She said shrugging. "Anything?"

"No, he didn't come back then?" Jason said with a sigh as Kathy shook her head. Jason nodded, going into his and Drake's apartment to check the phone. Seeing that nothing was there, he walked over to drop down on the sofa. Leaning back and closing his eyes, he tried no to worry. After all Drake was an adult.

Jason awoke with a start the next day, his eyes going to the clock and he cursed. It was already after noon, getting up he checked the room, and not seeing that Drake had returned he walked over to the phone. He made several calls, Tate was his first, but found out that Drake didn't even know where the man lived. But Tate promised to call if he saw or heard from Drake.

Jason next move was to search all the area's he could think of, and then found himself at Drake's grandparents house. After finding out they were out of town for the coming winter, Jason called home. His parents hadn't heard anything either, which left Jason checking parks and hotels.

Jason looked up at the house in front of him. The last place he could think of looking, and he didn't want to believe that Drake would return to his mother's house. Shaking his head, he walked up and knocked on the door. It was a few minutes later when Jack answered the door.

"What the hell do you want?" Jack asked him.

"I want Drake," Jason said seeing the man laugh.

"Sorry, but Drake isn't playing on that team anymore, and he's through with you," Jack hissed laughing again. Jason glared at him, before pushing the man back and heading towards the stairs. "Hey, stop right there."

"Screw you, I want to see Drake and you're not gonna stop me," Jason said taking the steps two at a time. Getting to the top floor he crossed to Drake's door and threw it open. Stepping into the room, his eyes widened. Gone was everything that screamed Drake, now the room was white, white walls white ceiling, and a new cream-colored carpet.

"What are you doing here Jason?" Drake asked from where he was sitting on the floor against the side of his very plain, very cream-colored bed.

"Oh god, what did he do to you," Jason said taking in Drake's appearance; the man was wearing a pair of dress pants, and a pullover. His once long hair now hung just past his ears, and was blond. And Jason could see that it looked like Drake had been crying. Walking over he sank down onto his knees in front of the man.

"Go home Jason, Mandy will be here soon," Drake said looking down, not meeting Jason's eyes.

"Mandy?" Jason asked reaching out to touch Drake's face; he made the other look up.

"Jack's youngest sister, and hopefully my new girlfriend." Drake said as fresh tears slipped down his cheeks.

"No, because you're mine," Jason said seeing Drake shake his head no, but ignoring him Jason pulled him into his arms. "I love you Drake, and if you want to take that step, then it's ok."

"Really? Because you didn't sound like you want to," Drake said sighing as he relaxed against Jason's body. He loved being in the man's arms.

"God Drake, I've wanted to since meeting you years ago, but I don't want to cause you pain or make you regret being with me," Jason whispered his arms tightening around him.

"Never," Drake said pulling back. "You are my best friend Jason, and I love you. I've never wanted another person to touch me like you do."

"Then come on, let's get you out of here," Jason said standing up, and pulling Drake up. Grabbing the bag by the door, Jason led him down the steps.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Jack hissed blocking the door. Jason glared at him, before placing Drake protectively behind him.

"He's mine, and I'm taking him home." Jason hissed glaring at the smaller man. Jack held his ground for all of two minutes before the man moved out of the way. Jason pulled Drake out the door and towards the car, getting in he turned the car towards his parents house.

"Why are we going to your parents?" Drake asked looking over at him.

"Because it's late, and Edgar is at my parents, and once we get there, they're not gonna let us leave until tomorrow," Jason said smiling as he pulled the car to a stop. Getting out they were quiet as they entered the house, moving up the stairs Jason managed to keep his hands to himself until they were in front of the door.

"Jason," Drake whispered just as the man mouth covered his. The kiss was tame at first, but soon Jason's tongue was invading his mouth.

"Damn it Jason, it hasn't even been a day, and you're already bring people home?" Roxanne hissed ready to beat her son, but here eyes widened when Jason pulled back.

"Hello Roxanne," Drake said smiling shyly.

"Hey," The woman said as Jason opened the door to the bedroom, and both men entered. Jason moved, picking up Drake to move to the bed. Placing the man down, Jason pulled off the offending clothing. Once done, he leaned down to kiss Drake's taut stomach.

"I wanted to make love to you, with your hair spread out around you." Jason said reaching up to run a hand through Drake's short hair.

"I'm sorry." Drake said his hands moving to Jason's clothing. And soon, he had Jason stripped to his boxers. "I'm ready,"

"We can't, not here." Jason said seeing Drake look up at him. "I don't have the stuff, and I would be more comfortable doing this in our apartment."

"Ok," Drake said moving to get under the covers. Jason crawled in beside him, smiling he drew the man close. And with a sigh they both fell asleep.

Jason and Drake entered the kitchen late the next morning. Roxanne smiled where she was standing talking to Edgar. She offered both coffee, and they sat down at the table. After some small talk, Jason made an excuse to return home, so he packed both Drake and Edgar into the car. Hugging his family he got in and headed home.

As soon Jason had the car parked, they walked in. Jason had his arm around Drake's shoulders and Drake had the dog's leash. They both nodded to Kathy as they passed. Shutting the door behind them, Jason drew Drake into his arms. "Do you want to do it now?"

"Can we?" Drake asked his cheeks turning pink.

"OF course," Jason said leading him towards the bedroom. His mouth moved to Drake's neck as his hands went to Drake's clothing.

"Jason," Drake said pulling back.

"Did you want me to stop?" Jason asked seeing Drake shake his head no. Reaching out, he started to strip Jason of his clothing. Once naked they fell together to the bed, Jason's hands and mouth all over Drake's body. He shifted, reaching out to wrap his hand around Drake's hard member.

Drake moaned closing his he eyes as Jason kissed him again. He opened his eyes as he felt Jason shift again, reaching out to pull open the nightstand drawer, and pull out a bottle. Reaching into the drawer again, Jason pulled back a crease to his brow.

"What?" Drake asked seeing Jason look down at him.

"I don't have any condoms," Jason replied shifting again. Drake stopped him from completely pulling away.

"But that's ok right?" Drake asked seeing Jason look back at him.

"I've never had sex without a condom," Jason said leaning his forehead against Drakes.

"It's ok, I've never had sex before," Drake said leaning slightly to kiss him. "And I don't have anything,"

"Me either," Jason said hearing Drake's slight laugh.

"Then make love to me Jason," Drake said hearing Jason's low moan. Jason nodded, not trusting himself to talk as he grabbed the lube bottle. Pouring the lube onto his fingers he leaned up kissing Drake as he reached down to push one finger into the man.

Drake pulled back, his eyes widening in pain. Jason watched him, slowly moving his finger in and out. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Drake said closing his eyes. Jason pulled back slightly, moving Drake until he had the man into a better position. After another few minutes, Jason added another finger feeling Drake tense under him.

"Try to relax love," Jason said kissing Drake deeply until he felt the man relax slightly. "You're very tight."

"Jason," Drake said his voice filled with pain as he tried to relax against the intrusion of Jason's fingers. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. Drake lost track of how long Jason's fingers moved in him, but looked up when Jason pulled his fingers free. He watched as Jason poured lube onto his hand to spread it over his erection, the positioned the tip against Drake's opening.

"I love you," Jason said seeing Drake look up at him.

"I love you too," Drake whispered as Jason started to inch inside of him. Drake clinched his teeth, as pain filled him. Squeezing his eyes closed he felt the tears slip past the tightly shut lids, it hurt worse then Drake have ever thought imaginable.

"Don't tense up," Jason cooed softly into Drake's ear. Jason stopped as soon as he was buried all the way in; he looked down to see Drake's face scrunched in pain. "Drake, look at me."

Drake looked up into the concerned face of his lover. Jason reached out, gently pushing the hair back from Drake's face. "It hurts Jason,"

"I know, it always does the first time," Jason said leaning down to kiss him gently. "I'm gonna move, try to stay relaxed."

"Ok," Drake said but couldn't stop the cry that escaped him when Jason pulled out to his tip. Drake tensed, fighting against Jason when the man tried to push back in. "Oh god, Jason stop, it hurts, please stop."

"Drake," Jason said as Drake pushed against him, until he was forced to roll off the man.

"I'm sorry," Drake said getting up to limp from the room. Getting up Jason followed after him, finding drake sitting in the bathtub.

"Drake," Jason said kneeling beside the tub that was slowly filling with hot water.

"I'm a fool Jason, here I made a big deal out of this, and then couldn't even go through with it." Drake said pulling his knees to his chest to lay his forehead against them.

"No you're not, you just don't do well with pain." Jason said seeing Drake turn to look at him.

"I want to be with you, I want to be intimate with you Jason." Drake said shaking his head.

"Don't worry, well get there," Jason said reaching out to touch the man's bare shoulder.

"You're not mad?" Drake asked. "You don't think I'm a idiot for not listening to you?"

"No I don't," Jason said smiling as he reached out to turn off the water. Drake turned wrapping his arms around Jason to hug him. "Come out of there now?"

"Sure," Drake said pulling the plug. Standing he was quiet as Jason wrapped a towel around him, and then picked him up. He was even quiet as Jason laid him back into the bed, seeing Jason climb in beside him. As soon as Drake relaxed, Jason reached out to kiss him.

"Get some sleep, I'll be back shortly," Jason said turning to get out of the bed. Drake reached out stopping him, his eyes wide with fear. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna be gone long, and when I get back we'll try again."

"Ok," Drake said watching as Jason dressed, and then left the room. It was a few minutes later when he heard the apartment door open then close, and then Edgar jumped up onto the bed. With a sigh, Drake closed his eyes, but found he couldn't sleep.

Jason returned to the apartment to find that Drake had made dinner, and was sitting at the table. Taking what he had gotten into the bedroom, he returned to the kitchen to kiss the man. Sitting down next to him he smiled. "Are you sore?"

"Hum, not really." Drake said shrugging as he blushed. "I just feel weird, is all."

"Ok," Jason said getting up to check on dinner. Seeing that it was done, he pulled it from the oven and they sat down to a quiet meal.

"Do you still want to try again?" Drake asked as they washed dishes.

"If you want to," Jason said grinning at him. Drake nodded, taking the plate from Jason and setting it down. Taking the man's hand he pulled him towards the bedroom. "Now?"

"Yeah," Drake said not meeting Jason's eyes. "I promise to trust you."

"Drake," Jason said watching as Drake started to strip. Jason couldn't help but watch he loved Drakes lean body, the way it curved. He smiled when Drake's hand went to his clothing, stripping him naked too. Wrapping his arms around Drakes body as soon as they were naked they fell into the bed.

Jason smiled, pulling out what he had bought earlier seeing Drake eye him. "Jason what is that?"

"Anal desensitizing lube, it will help." Jason replied seeing Drake eye him. "Trust me,"

"Ok," Drake said leaning back and spreading his legs slightly. Jason poured the lube out onto his hand, reaching down to gently massage over Drakes opening. After a second, he slipped one finger up inside looking at his lovers face all the while.

"Are you ok?" Jason asked seeing Drake nod with a smile. Jason slipped another finger inside of Drake's tight opening, hearing the man's intake of breath. He pushed his fingers up until he brushed against Drake's prostate, hearing the man moan.

"Jason," Drake said arching up his eyes wide.

"Does that feel good?" Jason asked seeing Drake nod. Slowly scissoring his fingers, Jason worked until he figured he had stretched Drake enough. Pulling back he rolled Drake to his stomach getting a slight protest from the man. "It hurt less this way,"

"Ok," Drake said lifting his hips as Jason pulled him up slightly. Closing his eyes he felt Jason's erection against his opening again, and forced himself to relax.

"Ok ready?" Jason asked seeing Drake nod. Slipping just the head inside he stopped.

"It's ok Jason," Drake said moaning as Jason slipped into him. While there was some pain, it wasn't as bad as the first time. He moved his hips experimentally, and moaned again. "Please Jason, please move."

Jason smiled, rocking his hips against Drake hearing moans and groans coming from him. Leaning over the man, he kissed Drakes shoulder hearing the man moan his name. Reaching around him, he wrapped his hand around Drake's erection pulling a cry from him.

"Oh god Jason," Drake said rocking back against the man in him. He was so close, and Jason felt good inside of him. This was how it was suppose to be, the slow build until all Drake felt was the pleasure Jason was causing inside of him. He cried out, trying to hold back his orgasm, but couldn't. He spilled over Jason's hand hear Jason cry out as he tightened around him.

"Drake," Jason groaned spilling into his lover's body, his eyes closed and not waiting it to end. Being in Drake was better then he had ever thought it would be. Pushing one last time into Drake, Jason held still as his orgasm came to an end. Pulling free he dropped down beside Drake, pulling the sweat cover man into his arms. "I love you."

"I love you also," Drake said kissing him. "We should shower, and change the sheets."

"Ok," Jason said as they got up, showering together they wrapped towel around themselves as they returned to the bedroom and changed the sheets on the bed. When they were done they climbed back into bed and Jason held his lover close.

"Thank you," Drake said as he lay against Jason's chest listening to the man's heartbeat.

"There you go again, thanking me." Jason said hearing Drake laugh.

"I'm thanking you for not giving up on us," Drake said leaning up to kiss him. "I'm glad you came after me, because I was too scared to come back and admit I was wrong. Because I didn't think you wanted me."

"I've always wanted you," Jason said kissing him. "And well be together for a long, long time."

"I'd like that, what to try it again?" Drake asked seeing Jason look at him surprised before he smiled.

"Yeah, but the dog has to get off the bed." Jason said rolling Drake onto his side as Drake ordered the dog down. He smiled this was perfect. He and Drake together happy and soon to be sated once again. And they were. With school starting, they found a routine. Learning through each other.

The end