The horizon between

As the sun sets in a sky painted with crimson
As the deep blue sadness of night creeps up upon
Both of us standing here
I wipe away an angry tear
And take away the blindfold of the lie
That was keep us together, you and I
As its silken shape slips silently to the ground
The only sound
Is your Heart cracking
It fractures and I see your eyes open wide
I perceive a world of hurt inside
As the blessed warmth in you fades
Of vermillion, a thousand shades
Well up in your lovely eyes
I want to stop and with you cry
But nevermore whispers my heart to me
For now you can finally see
The end of Us
You are wracked with sorrow
I try to tell you of tomorrow
But I know inside you turn away
I know that inside your heart I could not stay
As thick red tears trickle down your cheek
I can no long find words to speak
Of how much I wish I hurt inside
I want to run and hide
In visions of what might have been
Outside of reality's skin
But I had to show you
I had to reveal all that was true
Between Us two,
Otherwise it would have spread
Like blight or mold across rotting bread
And consumed both of Us
If only I didn't have to be this way
If only we could together stay
But it would break us both, can't you see?
It would have broken you and me
I wish this didn't have to be.