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Chapter I:

(From Sammi's POV):

I think it happens to everyone when they feel that strong pinching, hard twisting pain in their stomachs without ever wondering how it came about. As I slowly waited in my chair, it started to hurt more and more. One might say I was exaggerating in almost all the angles that you can observe in my situation, well, that's why I said almost. How would you feel when that something you've worked so hard for, hoping with all your heart and soul to accomplish it, suddenly slips from your hands? Slowly drifting, slowly passing you by, minute by minute, second per second, chance by chance, never to come back.

"Ms. Yao" My professor finally handed me my paper.
There it was a big red blot that signaled FAILURE. Remarkable though, the pain I felt was now gone. I suppose you can say it turned into something else.

"Hey, Steven, what'd you get?" Kenny tapped Steven's arm

"97. You?"

"97? Wow! That's pretty cool! I got an 80, but that's far from failing right?"

"Yeah, that's an okay score" Steven replied

"You sound like a jerk! Hahahaha! Wait 'till Sammi hears this, she'll say the same thing about you"

"Hmmm, she does look like she's mad." Steven looked over his shoulder

"Ha! I bet she'll burst it all out on you since you got a real high score! Sammi, hey, what'd you get?" Kenny turned around and asked the black haired girl behind him

"Kenny!! I failed, does that make you feel better now?!" I snapped

"I was just asking. . ." Kenny whispered

"Don't bother asking irrelevant questions next time okay?!"

"Sheesh. . .What's up your ass!" Kenny


"Shut up Steven, it's not something for you to laugh at either," I shouted

I removed my stare from Kenny and Steven who were just in font of me. Sure, they both passed, but I was to be back here, in the same class, with the same annoying teacher who obviously failed me since I was too active in his dull lectures. This is not poetic justice in my vocabulary, definitely not. Worst, I studied so hard on this test just so that I could spend my summer in Korea just as mom promised. Now, my dreams were completely flying above me, impossible to reach, yes, but 'impossible' is just temporary. I wasn't going to take summer! I was going to fly to Seoul and meet my dreams.

"Argggg!!" I stomped as I sat down on the lunch table out in the field.

"What happened?" Steven asked
"I got the whole week including Saturdays for summer classes now!" I bawled

"I thought they were only from Mondays to Wednesdays?" I took notice of Kenny. He just sat there with his head tilted to his food. It wasn't like him actually. It was as if I wasn't even there. No, as if I wasn't worthy to be taken notice of.

"Yeah! Arg! You got that right!"

"Then what happened?" Steven asked

"I tried to talk to the professor that I'd free all his lunches if he bailed me from summer!"

"You tried to bribe him with lunches?"


"That's stupid!"

"*Snicker" Finally, Kenny gave a little smile. I guess he found it funny.

"Oh, so you're laughing at me too?" I looked at Kenny, he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled "Yeah, and?"

"Arg! I guess this is the end! No more Korea! That's it"

"I'll be with you, don't worry" Steven gave me his drink

"Steven, you didn't fail any subject" I took a sip. Yum. Sweet mandarin orange flavored juice. Our favorite.

"Then I'll just take an extra subject in preparation for next year. I mean, my summer's pretty much the same, as it is every year. I'll just be helping Baba out in the restaurant; I might as well do something on the side line"

"Steven! You're the best!" I hugged Steven's arm. He was such a good friend. Sometimes I envisioned him as a monk. He had such a good heart I wondered what the heck he was doing hanging around with me! Haha.

Suddenly, the air changed. The blue sky turned into an evil gray, the wind started to feel unpleasantly cold and the sun, our source of great warm light altered into incredible dark ashes of rain. figuratively speaking though. The Wu Tang Tang Clan slowly came out of the cafeteria. They came out so slow everything seemed pressed into the slow motion mode. Everyone's head almost bowed when they came out, like they were the next best things after God, yeah right.

Steven and I gave each other a face. We never understood the purpose for the stereotypical labeling of people. Heck, we never even understood who gave them that name! Kenny just stood up right in time to give the Wu Tang Tang clan's master a lovely kowtow, the magical man hand shake. The first step into the degradation of one's soul, giving yourself into the corrupt minds of the evil cult! Steven and I continued eating melon bread.

Let me tell you a little something about the Wu Tang Tang clan. They were these rich little brats who were born and raised filtering with the blessings of upper-handed businessmen with glorious amounts of money and rigidly successful companies which just seemed to be allergic to bankruptcy. They drove in fancy cars and sometimes they even had chauffeurs with them. They were all pretty good looking, I hate to admit it, but, okay fine, each of them was exceptionally gorgeous with fine radiant shiny hair, perfect teeth and was composed of a strong lean fit body. No one in that clan was dumb too. Okay, maybe 1 or 2 but those guys never had a single bad record in their former schools and yet they were notorious in campus. I never understood why it had to be that way, but it was like that.

The clan's composed of around 4 to 5 guys along with some pretty, some are anorexic looking, but most are pretty, girls to parade as their muses. In a snap they were born into the world almost perfect, especially their Lord and master- 'Hail the brave and honorable Dexter Wu!' He stood as the leader. He's the captain of the University's basketball team and the reigning whiz at all subjects. Come to think of it, with all his perfection out there in the limelight, he should've gone straight to politics and not college. Go figure.

"Hey Kenny, what's up my man?" Dex hugged and shook Kenny's hand. Kenny did the same and greeted the others with the same politeness.

"Just hanging, oh yeah, you know Steven and Sammi right?" Of course they knew us. We were the undefined friends. If I knew any better, if this was just a picture Steven and I would be covered by a large wilting bush.

"Of course, hey Steven heard you got real high in the test, continue that and you'll be really a pilot someday" He also did that 'shake' with Steven. I looked at Steven. I didn't know they talked long enough to get to know each other's dreams and aspirations. How charming.

"Thanks, but hey, you were the only one who aced the test!"

"That was just luck! Hey Sammi. . ."

"Hi. . .Hi posse" I waved at the group behind him

"What?!" Gio asked. He was one of the Mr. Perfects.

I looked at Kenny and Steven, even at Dex! They all had this 'what did you call them' stare. Oops. My bad. . .

"Isn't your name? Posse? *(Po-si) hehe. . ."

"It's Gio Tang. . .Remember that" Mean Mr. Perfect!

"Yeah, that one. . ." I immediately took another bite.

"Uh, whatever see you in training okay?" Kenny broke the ice

"Yeah. Okay, bye guys" Dex took another smile at us.

You know what I hate about him? He's just too nice even when he shouldn't be. Sheesh. Perfect guys are annoying.
Kenny sat down and ended his stare at the clan as soon as they weren't visible anymore.

"I didn't know you talked to Dexter" I pinched Steven's arm

"Oww! He's my friend"

"I thought we hated them together!"

"Kenny doesn't hate them"

"Obviously! He's like one of them! He's into basketball too"

"Look, I just hate him when the rest of the posse are jerks, but he's a nice guy you know"

"Fine, I'm alone in this, I knew it" I shouted

"Sammi. . ." Steven tried reasoning

"Maybe you should be with that attitude of yours" Kenny suddenly interrupted and stood up once again to throw his lunch wrappings in the garbage bin.

"That was mean. What's wrong with you?" I followed him out the cafeteria and off to his next subject. Steven was behind us, somewhere over the rainbows.


"I know it's me, just say it!"

"Alright, you!"

"Okay, that was too direct! Can you at least tell me why!"

"Because you're so self-absorbed and close minded" we stopped in the middle of the corridor when he roughly mentioned my defects.

". I'm still going home with you later."

"You know where to find me" he pursed his lips and tightened his jaw and left me there.

Steven Cheung and Kenny Kwan are my best friends. The three of us got together when we were about 7. I moved here in Hong Kong at that age. I found myself quite the rugged playful girl and ended up messing around with the sushi chef's son and the bratty boy who ate a lot in the sushi restaurant around the corner near my house. Steven and Kenny were friends before I got here but it was the prince and pauper type of relationship. The only difference was it was Steven who treated Kenny like a slave, Kenny didn't care about money, and he never treats it with a lot of fuss even until now. He's just the simple athletic kid who's usually annoying. Steven was always the smart one. He never leaves anything undone. Usually shy but once he's mad, he turns bitter. Actually, he's such a gentleman I guess he does deserve to be called a prince. I was just the weird kid who talked to walls that brought us altogether. We lasted so many years and now, we're finishing our freshmen year here at the Hong Kong East International University, if only I can do without attending summer classes and that strong pinching, hard twisting pain in my stomach that started all this.