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Chapter 28:

Riding in a bicycle along an empty road between the coast of the blue ocean with soft waves and that salty fresh savor, and a field full of white flowers with the sky gleaming on you, I felt ridiculously happy.

I had reached Dreamland.

"Sammi! Hurry up!" Kenny shouted.

I opened my eyes and found myself in front of the glass window that showed Korea's best planes flying above and arriving below.

I was finally in Korea.

Of course the process of getting here wasn't pleasant at all, but I'm glad it happened the way it did, even if it meant breaking someone's... hmm... never mind... let's just leave it that. I broke something.

"I'm coming!" I shouted and took one last glimpse of the sky.

Pushing my cart I tried to remember how I broke it off with Dex. Technically speaking, there wasn't anything to break in the first place, but we both knew there was an imaginary string tied to both our wrists. Though we never had any actual relationship there was that 'special friendship' we'd like to call it-and that was the difficult part to turn your back on.

A week after the trip to Japan I found myself shopping in the district mall with Dex carrying all the things that I've bought.

Most of them were shoes, and they were a lot of shoes.

I was shoe queen for the day.

"I have never met any girl who bought this much of shoes!"

"You don't have to carry them you know" I smiled as we went down the escalator

"I don't mind, at least I now have an idea of what to buy you on your birthday, on Christmas..."

"Chinese new year?" I smirked

"Maybe... So where are we off to now?"

"I was thinking we'd buy Hao some cake. He's been craving a lot these past few days"

"Yeah! That's great! The saleslady there is pretty cute" He smiled

"Dex!" I slapped his arm as he replied with a soft chuckle.

This was the time I had begun to feel that we weren't going anywhere. The way our discussions pushed through, they were fun, yes, sensible, yes, and I was comfortable with him, but then again, just because you're comfortable with someone it doesn't mean you love them, in that certain romantic perspective, I mean.

The weird part was, somehow, I felt that Dex reacted the same way to our situation too, in spite of his heart's declarations beforehand.

I looked at him smiling as he went inside the cake store, I think the cake store was called 'the Tomato store', anyway, he giddily tried to pick what kind he wanted while he acted like a childish monkey, a cute but immature monkey.

Maybe, I was like cake and he was like cake too.

Maybe, for a while we favored each other a lot, but as time flowed, we started losing our appetite.

Was it too much sweetness? Fewer flavors?

Or just time's unpredictability?

I sat down at the table and ordered some coffee. I pulled my jacket closer to my body and ran my fingers through my hair.

"I ordered the Tiramisu and the Strawberry shortcake and the Raspberry cheesecake" Dex sat down across me and called the waiter

"Wow. I thought we were here to buy something for Hao!

Obviously, that wasn't the case" I smiled and raised my eyebrow

"(Laughs) I like cakes! I can't help it"

Suddenly, a pretty waitress of about 19, probably having this as her part time job, came to our table and smiled like little cherry. Pun intended.

"May I take your order sir?" She asked. Of course I knew the type of guy Dex was. It was in their blood to attract all sorts of women young or old, Chinese or not, like fresh meat fed to a pack of hungry wolves.

Dex smiled and exclaimed, "I'll have some coffee too and a slice of that cake," he pointed to the colorful cake eaten by this little boy at the next table.

The waitress bowed lightly and bit her lower lip wishing Dex to have a good day

"You too" Dex smiled with his white teeth flashing again.

What a flirt.

"She has a crush on you" I whispered as I took a sip of my coffee.

"Don't they all do?!" Yes, once again, the ego of an ancient God wrapped around his overconfidence and big head.

"Do you remember Shan zi? (Dex nods) Well, I got a call from her the other day asking me to go to this party and along the conversation she asked me about you! Then it came to me that she had a major crush on you even before you and I even got close!" By this time, enthusiasm and eagerness filled my face and I leaned closer to ask one of my very stupid questions.

"I was just thinking, you wanna hook up with her?" I smiled sincerely. Bottom word: Sincerely! Definitely telling Dex that I was not at the least joking about her wanting to hook up with him.

Dex stared at me for a while.

"Are you kidding?" he asked slowly with a slight discomfort in his voice.


Then it came to me that presuming he was like cake, was completely wrong. Yes, he was a heart throb but he was a one-girl only kind of guy, and that one girl-was me.

See? This is why I always preferred ice cream rather than cakes. It's just always so difficult to presume that a certain flavor will fit your ideas about its taste. With ice cream, more often than not, even with different variations of flavoring, they all taste the same at one point in time. Less hassle.

At that moment I knew for certain, I was dead. With that statement I felt as if I was purposely sending him signals that I didn't like him and there was no chance at all-at all! meaning-ever!

"Ah… hahahaaha! Are you serious? She's so ugly! I can't believe you didn't realize I was just kidding... " I took the menu and covered my plump red face.

Events following that encounter felt more and more uncomfortable. We didn't talk as much or saw each other that much too, even if we lived in the same house. I suppose it was probably because he had reflected about the situation a lot and guessed that I didn't have that kind of emotion for him-anymore. Maybe.

Then, 'that' had to happen. My emphasized 'that' was 2 days ago; I had secretly talked to Kenny about our flight and were discussing the preparations already. That night, as I came home and entered my room I found Dexter reading a book on my bed.

"I'm in the right room, if I'm not mistaken" I exclaimed wittily and smiled trying to break off the awkwardness. As I've said, we haven't been talking for a long time, and finding him lounged in my square's quite a tad awkward.

"So, what time are you leaving?" he asked and stood up, closing the door behind me and locking it.

"Huh?" I walked to my table and dropped my bag

"I found these" Dex raised two tickets and gave his raging horse look-whatever that is.

"You've been going through my things?" My jaw dropped.

Frankly, him going through my things was fine, I mean, my things are garbage, but I had to draw his attention away from that itsy bitsy detail I never intended to tell him.

"You weren't going to tell me?"

"The point is, you should've had been barging through my things!" I asserted and tried grabbing the plane tickets from his hand. As if I could though. His bulked up arms were enough to act as a fence.

"The point?! The point is why the hell are you going with Kenny without letting anyone know! Do you know what that sounds like?!"

"He's my best friend! I can do whatever I want with him!"

Oopsie. I got a poopsie. Those two lines didn't sound right.

"What I meant was... What we're going to do there is our problem, not yours or anyone else's" I calmed my voice and sat on the bed opposite his side. I couldn't bear looking at him. I didn't know why though.

"I know your mom doesn't know, or else she would have raged about it. I don't understand, why are you going, from all places, there, in Korea, and with Kenny without telling anyone?" Dex sat on the bed opposite to my back and also calmed his voice for a more diplomatic view.

"It's my dad okay? And Kenny's coming 'coz there's no one else in this freaking world that I'd feel more secured with and protected in doing something outrageous like this!!" I sighed and told him directly.

The whole scenario was getting too dramatic, even for me, I might as well just let him off and speak my mind.

Silence. Draining unnerving silence enough to act as cancer filling your body with discomfort took place in the four corners of my room.

And then...

The boy spoke...

"You asked me before, Apples or strawberries..." Dex stood up and went in front of me

"If I had said strawberries, would you have liked me more and him less..."

"Huh?" I tilted my head upwards in wonder.

"... Or maybe there would be no difference... (nods) Have fun. Tell me how it goes with your dad" Dex smiled handing me the tickets and reached out for the door.

"I won't tell your mom, don't worry" and the door finally closed for good that evening.

Was he being sincere? Obviously, it would be stupid to think that a hurt and angry man would be sincere in a time like this... but he sounded like it...

And then...

Silence. Draining unnerving silence enough to act as cancer filling your body with discomfort took place in the four corners of my room.

Why do I even bother thinking about it anyway? If I look back at this 10 years later I would laugh at myself for being so histrionic over such men. Or, perhaps, maybe I'd laugh at myself more for wondering how I ever got to be liked by two great men, if I weren't just so pretty...

Crazy! I guess I'm just taking my mind off things.

"Ready?" A voice spoke and I broke away my stare at the sky again.

"Uh, yeah" I smiled and took a sip from the hot cup of coffee in my grasp.

Kenny grinned at me and got my bags placing them in the trunk of the taxi cab.

I went inside and sat down.

The ride was just starting,

And in this place, I assume there would be no need for anymore of the strawberries or the apples or the cakes or any other kind of food that has been juggling my thoughts for a very long time.

We were heading to our destined hotel, and the only food waiting for me was Bulgogi.