The crowd look at me
But I have nothing more to say
The walls are silent
I feel them blush at my display
By what I thought was so correct
And what was my point?
I thought it would be indirect
So here we stand now
How will we ever fill the gap?
Should I carry on?
Or just avoid this chit-chat trap?
My words start to frown
And betrayed they feel they have been
It's uncomfortable
After a conversation sin
My message wishes
It hadn't fallen from my lips
I must say sorry
Sometimes my humour does eclipse
My mind has to search
For the dreaded cover-up plan
My heart is sinking
And I wish I'd never began
Wish I'd never
Scampered into this dark basement
Just so I could be
An embarrassing replacement
Suddenly a smile
Tip-toes across somebody's face
But it is too small
For the vast frown it must replace
But I know they smile
It's just not for me to unlock
The outside is still
For from inside their minds they mock