Oh Where Have my Reviewers Gone?

I have looked high
And I've looked low.
Yet not a reviewer I find;
Where did they all go?

They aren't reading my love poems,
Or my stories that scare.
One thought eludes me,
"Oh where, oh where!"

Have I bored them to death,
Or are they hiding from me?
What did I do in my writing,
To make them all flee?

Until the come back
I don't know what I'll do.
Oh how this makes me sad
And my heart sing the blues.

I guess I'll just sit
Here in my chair,
And always keep pondering
"Where oh, where!?"

AN: Alright guys, I know this poem was so crappy that it wasn't much of an
insentive to get my reviewers back, but I am DESPERATE AND CONFUSED! You
can blame that on this bad poem.