Sorrow Song

By Kati Su S

Book One: Legend of the Lost

Chapter One: The Legend

Authors Notes (that you probably won't read, even thought you really should): I wrote again... yes…. my friends convinced me to write again. Anyway, it probably won't be very good, sorry in advance. I'm a terrible writer, even though in 8th grade my dream was to become one. I still kind of wish I could… but I'm gonna be honest with myself: I'm lousy. ^_^;

Anyway – This first chapter is just the behind the story legend that's really cheesy and boring but important anyway. Its won't all be this boring, so keep reading.

Also, Solorurans are quite a bit like elves in appearance. Tall in, size, pointy ears and a sort of 'bright' look about them, if you know what I mean. ^_^

Caiti (Caitix is singular) are a race that can turn from human-cat hybrids to full cats at will. Their hybrid forms stand about as tall as a normal human, and walk on two feet. However, they have cat ears and a tail, and are covered from head to tow in fur.

Humans are, well, humans. ^_^

And, last but not least, Soralens look much like humans, only with gigantic eagle wings that vary in color.

Hopefully I'll fit these descriptions into the story for all those lazy bums that don't read this (which would be most of you).

I'm probably going to do a map soon or later too, so you and I both don't get lost, LOL!

Yes, yes, there will be four books. And I already know how it will end… so, yeah, now all I have to do is be hard-working. Bleh. x.x

Okay, so I'm gonna shut up now, but be warned that a lot of important information may be conveyed thru these notes, so don't skip them and then complain that you don't understand something!


In the beautiful Kingdom of Haven, there lived a race of people called Solorurans. They mostly kept out of the way of the other races in the kingdom, and lived in a small valley called Soloris. There, they spent their time raising and taming dragons, which they used for hunting, building homes, transportation and, well, pets.

However, outside the valley, dragons where much frowned upon, seeing as wild ones were vicious and quite likely to attack humans unprovoked.

The humans, most of all, distrusted the Solorurans because of their use of dragons. Not a day passed in the capital of Rice without someone using the name "soloruran" as a derogatory insult against someone else.

The tensions among the humans become higher and higher until, one day, an untamed dragon attacked a human hunter near Calandris. When word reached the irked King Jarof, he became outranged and sent his soldiers to attack Soloris. Before long, a dreadful and arduous war had broken out.

The Soralens, who had always been on good terms with the humans and had a strong dislike for the Solorurans, joined the war after it had raged on for about a year. They used their strong magic powers to kill and curse the Solorurans.

It was only after 4 years of horrid, merciless fighting, that the Caiti, who were generally not very fond of fighting, marched in to stand up for the a stand for the nearly extinct race. However, by this time, all of the dragons had been slain and the vast majority of the Solorurans where either cursed or dead.

The Caiti leader, Ryin, arranged a peace treaty with the King of the humans and the Caption of the Soralen army to end the fighting. They finally did what the people of Soloris had been waiting for for so long: to let the Solorurans be free and live and work the way they wanted.

But with the dragons all dead, they had nothing to do but live with the humans, and take on there jobs. The humans still looked to Solorurans with great distrust, and therefore did not except the newcomers easily. It didn't help that the cursed Solorurans learned that they where now cursed for life.

Of course, hope shone through in a legend – a legend of the seven lost dragons, and the powerful mages that could summon them….

Widdle woke up with a start. He was sweating all over from a horrible dream. Clinching his fists, the young Soloruran expected to feel bed sheets, but instead, to his horror and dawning comprehension, he felt dirt and stones. Yes, life was very different now.