Lauren Croughan
Mrs. Porter
Senior Metaphor
April 21, 2004
Now You Know
I am a single intricate glass rose.
What makes me complicated?
Well I have an intricate mind,
That not many people comprehend.
While the glass maybe clear in name,
There is something deep down unseen,
And it shows that I have mystery,
Since you cannot see through me,
And what you perceive usually is distorted,
Even if you pick me up and try to look closer,
Something else will always be there.
A rose is just that, a rose,
And since that is true, I have solitude,
It's just me in my vase,
Lonely hardly never,
Yet having no companion,
But always time to ponder.
What is so important about my existence?
Well I am fragile,
If you mishandle me I will break,
And my shattered glass will fall like tears into your hand,
And a precious artifact is destroyed.
I am found at the windowsill
Always looking at the garden,
Staring at my Mother,
Earth as you know her,
And if you never knew a
Mysterious mind completed in solitude
Could be fragile
Now you know.