The Judging Game
Nina [No Poetic Device] - 4.30.04

It was just a game
A simple little amusement
Nothing to it, really

That one over there, she's a freak
And her, she's a slut
The boy in the corner is a nerd
And the one by the window is a prep

The girls in the back, wearing black
They must be Goths
The ones doing their work are teacher's pets
The boy with the long hair is a punk

The game players laugh
It's such a fun game
It keeps them busy when they're bored

Finally, tired of the taunting
The quietest child of all
Stands to look upon the girls
With shaking voice he says:

'You are all liars
You spread false accusations and rumors'
He pulls out a handgun, waves it in the air
'Never again,' he utters

Shots are fired, the gamers soaked in blood
Screaming coming from the hallways
The boy disappears in the crowd

A head looks up from busy daydreaming
The boy is in his chair
The gamers all alive
But no one is aware
Such gruesome thoughts brewing
In such a child's mind

Think of this next time
You play your Judging Game
For maybe it will be you who is shot
Maybe it won't be a dream