I cannot tell you. There are no words to escape my lips to share with you what I mean. Only symbols; meaningless, only worth the few cents of ink on the cheap paper, remain to tell my tale.

Do you understand true loneliness? The wavering lifeless motion that inundates the pure system untainted. The powerful yearning of something more, so utterly excruciating, that you are paralyzed, petrified, frozen, like a block of quarry stone. That stone becomes your skin, it seeps into your pores, and becomes your very feeble frame. The eyes alter with your heart, and transform to the darkest onyx those indispensable organs. The tears, cried shamelessly, hopelessly, endlessly are now ice, tundra ice, and compliment your stone body AND soul. Those tears wept for themselves and their temporary existence only to cause you pain, to which you are numb. You are immune to the stabbing and piercing of your heart, which is now unbreakable. You hate everything, for nothing escapes your wrath. The world means nothing to you. You are apathetic and abhor so much even those dearest to you, your primary enemy. You are the supreme form of selfishness. The ones you love, the sharpest arrows aim for, fire, bull's- eye, hit their target so accurately it bleeds every drop of lifeblood into a mesh of writhing, suffering and death. Instead of becoming a slave and prisoner to this metamorphosis, you become the master, the jailer, Medusa in her entirety. Therefore, this is the revelation of the death of the soul. It is NOTHING.

This pain and rage could be prompted by words. Language has a spell, a power all its own. We can love someone or hate them, and how would we express it if there were no words? No language, written or spoken? What would become of our minds when we cannot express ourselves verbally? Negative or positive whichever road you think of, words truly have power. Now, if you were given a chance to decide on a weapon to fight against whatever foe you chose, what weapon would it be? A knife, or a gun? Which would a fool chose? (You might be thinking the gun as a wise choice.) The gun wins the prize for speed and accuracy, and you do not even have to be that close to that foe to inflict fatal damage with so little effort. You can defend yourself easily. However, a knife is different. The knife can do more damage then the circumference of a bullet. The blade can take its form in a sword or a household tool. Your foe could be sliced to death with much force or as little force as you want. The knife has also history to it. The history is that our ancestors used the knife because there were no guns. (Apparently) The ancient peoples cannot be too foolish to use knives for thousands of years can they? What is the truth? Words can do the same damage. A declaration of war can lead to millions of deaths. The Declaration of Independence introduced a successful experiment in democracy, which changed everything. The Bible was written and spoken with words and look how it has changed the entire course of the world. Language cannot remain idle when the power is oozing from it since its invention.

In today's world however, the weapons are different. Chemical and nuclear are the weapons of choice today. This has led to the almost certain death of peace. When peace is shattered there is nothing left but chaos? In this chaos, there is very little hope in the world. What glimmer is left can be crushed easily, almost as much as a city in the grasp of an ugly bloodthirsty dictator. War? We should not go there. There is too much suffering in the world to add on another pile of stuff to go through. We were attacked, but we cannot find revenge in attacking. When be become the aggressor, aggression takes over and controls a person or nation until they are weak in the knees. Because of the fear of war, the economy is going downhill for example. Nevertheless, this is personal, an opinion, but what is the truth? Is there even a truth? These questions we must combat and contemplate. I do a lot of thinking, sometimes too much, other days not enough. However, the weapon that I would choose to fight with would be the pen, because more things can be done with it then lets say, a couple thousand stealth jets. Words can make or break a person, words can destroy the entire mentality of humans, words can make a person hollow, and a subtle death occurs. Let me have a word or two with him. His word means nothing to us we are told, but our government; can we really trust them? Could we place our future in the hands of someone who might just throw it away? We are the next generation, and we will inherit these problems. And I think only we can solve them.

Theory I can show you, wisdom I can teach you, but the truth I cannot tell you.