I woke up to the sounds of a running shower. I had no clue where I was, and I had what felt like a massive hangover. I opened my eyes.

Pain. Damn ceiling lights.

I quickly closed them, and sighed. Slowly, the events leading to me becoming unconcious came back to me. The escape, the car chase, the crashing into a warehouse, the being shot in the chest twice then subsequently being bitten by an unholy creature of the night...

Wait a second, that last one didn't jive. I sat there in a haze of stupid for a few seconds, and mulled over it again. Finally, it hit me with the force of a pickup truck.

I'd been bitten by a god damned vampire! I panicked, grabbed my neck, and felt the bite marks.

I would have went crazy, but common sense started to kick in. I remembered certain things. Things like the fact that vampires are about as real as, oh, say, werewolves, or zombies. Maybe Reiria just had this thing for biting people. I even managed to rationalize the fact that I was still alive after being shot twice. After all, the bullets could have hit at an angle or something.

Yeah, I was grasping at straws, but I didn't want to believe in anything supernatural. After all, I had never really believed any of that crap, it didn't seem like a good idea to start when I was twenty six years old.

But, anyway. I did eventually get around to successfully opening my eyes and looking around the room. It wasn't much of a place, just your standard small appartment. Sparse furnishings, paint peeling off the walls, and the electrical wiring was out in the open, but I'd lived in much worse places before.

After a bit of taking in my surroundings, the shower stopped running. Sounds of a towel rustling and clothes being put on came from the bathroom, then Reiria finally stepped out after a bit. She noticed I was awake, and turned to me.

"Do yourself a favor and go look in the mirror."

I got up, and went to do so, realizing I didn't have a shirt on as I walked to the bathroom. Strange. The image that greeted me in the mirror was also strange.

Mainly because the bullet wounds had already healed, and only scars were left. The scars were also smaller than they should have been. What really got my attention, though, was my neck. It, too, had scarred over, but very prominently. The bite on it was clearly from two fangs.

I slowly backed away from the mirror and stared at it, wondering just what the blue hell was going on. I turned around and started to go and ask Reiria about it, but she was there. She shoved me hard against the wall on the opposite end of the bathroom, then leaned towards me. When her face was about two inches away from mine, her eyes lit up red.

I stared into them, shocked, and then screamed loudly. It was a pure shriek of terror, the mere sight of that happening had almost driven me over the edge. I was about an inch away from snapping when she reached up and touched my face with one hand.

I changed at that very moment. Everything became superfocused and I suddenly found that I wasn't human any more. A sudden rush of pure information hit me, and I reached out with all of my senses to embrace it. It was more than a rush, it was beyond any drug.

And all of a sudden, it made sense. I looked back at Reiria, and knew what had happened. I had become like her. It didn't happen when she touched me, it had happened before that. It happened in the warehouse, where I died. I just didn't know until that moment.

I slowly reached up, and pushed her away. Staggering over to the mirror, I looked at it and saw myself. I was still me. Oh, sure, my eyes were glowing red, and I had fangs, but I was still Alan Knight. Tiredly, I turned and faced her.

"I'm...a vampire..."

She just nodded.

"...Why'd you make me one?"

"Because I had gotten you killed. I should have known better than to hire a normal human to gun down someone as powerful as the person you did."

"So it was out of...pity?"

"Yes, partly. You also impressed me, as loathe as I am to admit it."

And with that, we stood in silence for a few moments while I collected my thoughts. Finally, I broke the silence with a question.

"Shouldn't I be really...well...hungry for blood?"

"Not at the moment. Right now, your body's reforming itself, and it's using the blood already in it to do that."

"Oh. When I do finish doing that, who should I kill to drink from?"

She regarded me strangely when I said this, and her answer made me feel foolish.

"Kill? Why kill someone? You don't need that much, just about a cup of it a night."

"Oh...But...How will I walk around without people noticing me? I mean, Hellview has a lot of freaks, but this would kind of draw stares." I gestured towards my eyes as I said that.

She smiled. "You'll know how to change in a day or two. But for now, just go and rest. Your whole body is reforming itself, and you will be tired the next couple of days. Feel free to use the bed that you woke up in."

And it was true. I was on the verge of passing out just from standing up. So, thanking her, I went and took her advice.