"W-What? I do not understand. How could I have died? I'm here right now, right? Right?"

"Yes, you're here and now. Because of that." Pete said pointing over to the time machine.

"You actually got it to work?" Pete just nodded.

"My God. I-I do not know what to say.' He then looked around at his surroundings. "What has happened?"

"The aliens, they obliterated everything. They destroyed everything that we used to know. I don't know if there are anymore survivors. Hell, I could be the only one, but I do know that these things need to be stopped no matter what."

"What is the point? They already blew up everything, you should just end it all and let them win." Then Pete told the story of what he heard them saying. "That's it! Only ten! Now I see why you were so motivated. So what is your plan to stop them?"

"I plan to use my machine to bring soldiers from the past forward to our time and have them fight for us."

"Ok. Do you already have a list of who you plan to bring forward?"

"Yes. I had to make sure that I wasn't disturbing history in anyway when I picked them. Here's the list." He handed a torn and wrinkled piece of paper with names scribbled on it to George.

It said: 1. Doug Johnson III- L.A. SWAT, 2005 2. Doug Johnson- US Army, 1941 3. Alan Cummings- US Navy, 2028 4. Victor Cornelius- US Militia, 1777 5. Clark Jackson- Confederate Army, 1862 6. Sam Jenkins- Union Army, 1862 7. Joseph Doyle- British Navy- 1778 8. Peter Winston- British Army 1917 9. JD Williams- The Screamin Banshee, 1701 10. Wade Green- Canadian Army, 2026 11. Carlos Montes- Mexican Army, 2025 12. Fred York- US Airforce, 1990 13. Alex Wilson- US Army, 2003 14. Eric Tomas- USMC, 1970 15. Steve Nickson- USMC, 1971

"Those people are just the trial run. If they fail, I can always bring forward many, many more. They are essentially disposable."

"Well what are you waiting for. Let us get these guys here." Pete nodded and went back to his machine.

"Ok, before I bring these guys up I need to get a few things strait. One, we are not going to tell them they are alive. It will be better if they think they have died. Two, as soon as they are through, place a translator on them and tell them to go wait in the other room. And lastly, under no circumstances tell them that they are the guinea pigs." George nodded and Pete started to punch in numbers and watch the screen.

He started with the man from 1701 first. JD was a pirate. And while he may not have had the most honorable profession, he fought with all the courage he possessed against the British navy. Pete brought him forward just as he was about to get hit in the face by a cannonball. The bright yellow light flashed and then the man appeared on the floor in the fetal position screaming.

George ran over to him and placed a translator behind his ear. George knew where the man was coming from as he had had the same experience just a little while before. He said some comforting words and escorted him to the next room and told him to wait there. JD tried to ask a few questions, but George just said that all would be explained later.

The next man Pete brought forward was Victor Cornelius from the Revolutionary War just as a musket ball was about to go into his stomach. History said the shot wouldn't have killed him, but the gangrene he got afterwards would have so it all worked out. Victor had the same reaction as the other two, on the ground screaming.

George did the same thing he did with JD and escorted Victor into the next room. When George went back to help again with Pete, Victor and JD had a small conversation.

"So are we dead?" JD asked.

"I don't know. This isn't exactly what I pictured the great ever after to be like." Answered Victor.

"I mean, I don't feel dead. But that cannonball seemed to real to be a dream and now I'm not on my boat anymore."

"Which ship are a member of. I know my fair share about pirates maybe we know some of the same people."

"I'm from The Screamin Banshee." He said with pride.

Victor gave him a strange look, "Sir, The Banshee sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1701."

"Impossible. I was just there. We were in a fight with the British Navy and we were winning and then I saw the cannonball coming at me and then I ended up here."

"Was the name of the British ship The White Oleander?"

"Why yes it was. How did you know that?"

"Because, when I was a boy. They dry-docked that ship. There was a big celebration for the ship that had sunk over fifteen pirate ships. That was in1750."

"That can't be right. The year is 1701. The ship just got launched. What the hell is going on? Where are you from? You're trying to trick me aren't you."

"No, calm down. My name is Victor Cornelius. I am a soldier in the United States Militia. We were fighting the British army during the second year of the War of Independence when I arrived here.

"Do you mean to say that the American colonies are fighting England for their independence? Good for you. Wait someone else is coming in."