Eric and Cory had been friends for years. Ever sense they were little kids they had always hung out together. They did everything together, sports, activities, they even went to the same summer camp. It was at this camp where they learned to play the game that would change their lives forever.

Now Eric and Cory were never what you would call popular. They had a few friends other than each other, but they weren't real high on the popularity ladder at school. In fact they were about one rung above the band freaks. That is why they were so happy to finally get out of school. They had both got accepted to go to a collage clear on the other side of the state. So at the end of the summer they packed up their things and headed off to start their lives anew.

They arrived at the collage at around 9:00 on the opening day of classes. They dropped their stuff off in their dorm room and made their way to freshmen orientation. Everything was going according to plan. There were in a new school and nobody knew who they were. They were free to be whoever they wanted to be.

But as the days went by, they slowly started to revert back to their old selves. They would stay in their dorm on Friday and Saturday nights instead of going to parties. They would study instead of going to the school games. And actually went to the school sponsored functions that went on in the student union.

They had fallen back down the ladder. People didn't respect them, in fact they started to get picked on. That is, until one fateful day when they introduced a new game to the school that would shoot them to the top of the ladder. That game is called Nutball.

Nutball is in itself a simple game. It is played with a standard racquetball and one larger 'punishment ball' but that will be gotten to later. To start the game two men sit across from each other about ten to twelve feet apart. Both men cup the material of their pants around their genitals as to show off the 'bulge'. There is a coin toss to see who goes first, the winner being the one to use the racquetball first. The object of the game is to lob, with an overhand arching throw, the racquetball and try to stick the nuts of the opponent. This requires great aim and more often than not, the ball will not reach the nuts. The players go back and forth until enough scores are received to crown the victor. Scores are awarded as such: a direct hit to the genitals with no facial contortions is marked as an "Owie" three owies make one "Melvin" three Melvins and your out. An automatic Melvin can be awarded if, upon the ball striking the nuts, the one that got hit hollers out, stands up, or in any other way shows signs of pain/discomfort. Once again, three Melvins and your out, but generally, you only need one before the one that got hit gives up.

Now we'll discuss the punishment ball. The punishment ball or "Cocknocker" can be composed of a wide variety of things, from a racquetball with lots of masking tape wrapped around it, to a softball, to damn near anything that weighs anywhere from 2-5 pounds. The Cocknocker can only be used if there is an instance of cheating or foul play. Cheating is classified as doing such things as to prevent the hurt from reaching the nuts. This includes padding the testicular area, moving to avoid a hit, blocking the ball, and tucking under. To be accused of cheating, the accuser must be the one to check for himself. Foul play denotes throwing the ball directly at the nuts or rolling the ball into the nuts. If the Cocknocker is to be used, the person who it will be used against must comply to its being used for 1-3 throws depending on the severity of the penalty or risked being kicked in the nuts multiple times by the accuser while being held by members of the accusers team. One referee will preside over the event and audience members can aid in the judging.