Coming or Going?

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Chapter 1

" So it's true?" Kainda's voice echoed into Dacian's thoughts, breaking him out of the reverie that he had put himself into as he watched the sun descend over the hills. " The Great Dacian is leaving his princess to run to his human lover."

Dacian turned, and held his breath. Kainda was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. An abundance of white-silver hair fell down to her knees in three braids, each a wrist thick. Her face was hear shaped and her eyes almond, tapering up at the ends to make her look slightly cat-like. Many people had described her eyes as the late morning sky placed inside her soul, reflecting out of her eyes. Dacian had always thought that they looked more like the rivers in the late evening when the sun was shining darkly on them.

She stepped forwards and he finally saw that she was wearing naught but a silken night robe, this one of gossamer grey, and he could see her body plainly. She had on none of the jewelry that she loved so much, and had washed off the body paint designs that she loved sporting. All that was left adorning her was the tear shaped crystal pendant that he had given her a long time ago. Inside the crystal was a small concave and what appeared to be another jewel, this time red. But Dacian knew better. He had filled it with his own blood, so that Kainda could find him wherever he was, and if she was strong enough, actually remove his body from that place and bring him to her side.

" Cailean is with child. I may have married you, but you know as well as I do that pairings with children come first." Dacian sighed and turned his back to her. " You should not even be here, Princess. It would be unseemly to be seen in the presence of a man that is not your husband."

Dacian felt the frown on Kainda's face. " Not even a man that was my husband a week ago, until a human harlot stole him from me!"

" Cailean is not a harlot. She won my attentions the same way you did, and clothed, might I add." Dacian might have loved Kainda a time ago, but she was a child still, and his years with her had not seen her growing up at all. She was beginning to get on his nerves.

There was a whisper of sound and Dacian felt her arms wrap around his waist, clutching at his chest as she buried her face in his shoulder. He stood, resisting the urge to touch her hands in the way that he used to, lightly skimming over her fingers. But that was when he had loved her. He no longer did.

" Dacian, I love you." Kainda said, and he felt a slight wet spot developing on his shoulder through his simple traveling clothes. " Please don't leave me. You promised me when you married me that you would never leave me."

" And how many promises to me did you break?" Dacian's voice became rough, his hands going to hers and removing them effortlessly, emotionless.

He grabbed at the pendant, but Kainda was quicker, having been trained as an assassin since birth almost. Her older sister had still been alive, and Kainda had not been Heir. But then Leshya died, and Kainda had inherited the title. She clutched at the pendant herself, shaking her head angrily.

" Go to your human whore! Leave me with nothing, nothing but this!" Her sapphire eyes burned with fire. " This you will not take from me. I've given you my body, my love, and my tears, but this you will not have!"

Dacian nodded, a strand of ash-blond hair falling over his shoulder. He had just cut it from its previous waist length form to shoulder length, hoping to look more human for Cailean. He watched as Kainda fought the urge to brush it back into place and took a step towards her.

" I will kiss you one last time, if you promise not to cry over me." Dacian asked calmly, and Kainda nodded, nearly running to him.

She sealed her lips to his, running her hands down his body as if trying to plead with him not to go. Dacian hated to, but he faded away before her eyes, leaving her kissing air. Kainda looked out to the sunset, one hand faintly touching her mouth and the other clutching her pendant.

" I'll not cry over you, Dacian." She smiled suddenly. " Because soon enough you will have time to cry over me." Her hand slipped from her mouth to rest on her stomach. " Soon enough."