Coming or Going?

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Chapter 2

~Six months later~

Dacian paced the room, hearing Cailean's labored cries from the next room. Donal, Cailean's young nephew, winced.

" 'Tis always like this, the caterwauling and the screaming." Donal smiled, as he had gone through the same thing just last month with his new wife. " But don't you go in there or Maude'll have your head."

Maude was the midwife, a crusty old lady of fifty years. Dacian liked her a lot, having spent many nights drinking at the tavern with her. She was one of the few of the townsfolk that accepted what he was. Eveyone else knew he was an elf, they just didn't know what his status had been before coming here, and only Maude and Cailean knew how old he really was.

Dacian nearly charged into the birthing room when he heard Cailean scream again, this one more painfilled than the others, but Donal reached out a hand. " Trust me on this. You'll be holding you're babe in your arms soon enough."

A few minutes passed and no more screams came. Maude opened the door and beckoned them both in. Cailean lay on the bed, swathed in linens while May, Donal's wife, wiped her face off and gave her a drink of strong wine. Saura, Maude's helper, was wrapping something up and she left out the back door. Dacian looked after her, his grey eyes wild.

" Dacian, boyo." Maude sighed and picked up a cloth to wipe her hands on. " Cailean had twins, a boy and a girl."

Dacian looked at her grimly. " Which one died?" He asked as Saura came back with empty hands and handed Cailean another wrapped bundle.

" The girl." Maude said, before Cailean took back the cover from her son's face and looked upon him.

Cailean sat up a little and put him to breast, which he suckled at heartily. Dacian managed a shaky laugh and went to his wife, sitting on their bed beside her. He kissed her cheek. " He's beautiful."

" He should be, look at who his father is!" Cailean laughed, full and throaty. " But I see nothing of you in him. He looks like me."

Dacian shook his head. " Elven children are always born with a full head of hair." He brushed aside a tendril of the brassy blond hair of his son. " And look, his ears are a little pointed, like mine."

" Aye." Cailean sighed. " And he is a babe just now. A few more years will tell."

Dacian nodded at his wife's wiseness and kissed her once more, kissing his newborn son as well. Maude gave Cailean a draft to make her sleep, and Dacian left the room.

His fingers started tingling as he headed out the door into the fresh afternoon light. It was the height of summer, Midsummer, and there was magic all around, even in the human realm. He had gotten used to it over the last few years, but as the tingling stayed, he tasted magic of the fey. Suddenly the world dropped out from under him for a few startling seconds and brought him gasping onto a marble floor, clutching at his chest like he had been drowning.

He looked up, up at the bed on the platform, up at the people surrounding him. King Verenras glared down at him. " Get up, boy. Pay respect to your King and Princess."

Dacian quickly stood, gaining strength by the moment. Verenras looked as young as he had the day Dacian had met him, silver blond hair flowing down his back, contained in a severe braid. The only thing that marked him as King was the silver braiding on his black tunic and the thin silver coronet on his head. Verenras never had been one for flaunting his status. Dacian bowed to his old friend, and then looked to the bed where he pointed.

There lay Kainda, gasping for breath as he had been. She was pale, wan, lifeless as she lay there on the bed admist her silken blankets and robes. There was a smell of blood in the air, and Dacian knew what had happened. Kainda had born children as well.

" Dacian, I called for you." Kainda said faintly, trying to raise her head, but she couldn't. " And you came."

Dacian nodded,not trusting his voice.

" Oh White Lady," Kainda gasped. " You look so human!"

She turned her face away from him, looking out the window. " Sheera, bring her."

A quiet attendant brought Dacian a wrapped bundle, much like the one that Saura had carried out into the garden. But when she drew aside the covering, a thin wail shot out of it, peircing his heart. His son hadn't cried, but it was a son. A man someday. This was his daughter, and he needed to protect her so she would not have reason to cry.

" I bore you twins, Dacian." Kainda said. " I would have given you yor son as well, but we need him, the kingdom and I. I won't be living for much longer now."

Dacian turned towards her. " What is his name?" He asked, holding the small child of his in his arms.

" Dayfydd." Kainda's voice was getting fainter. " I named him Dayfydd."

Father, daughter, and once-husband watched as the light in Kainda's eyes died, her body went limp against the bed and her chest ceased to move. Dacian turned to Terenras to say something, but the King shook his head.

" Just go." He said quietly, but those two words said more than just that, and Dacian knew it.

Terenras flicked his hand at Dacian, and he found himself outside his home again, still holding his daughter. He looked down at her, with her snow white hair and her dark lake eyes that followed his every move. He walked into the house, and everyone looked at him.

" Cailean is going to have her daughter." Was all he said.

Maude took a glance at the girl and whitened, but nodded and let him into where Cailean was sleeping.