Sapphire candles that light the scars
blue and gold
flickering fingers that run their course
the companion you long to be
the surrender much less complete
without the wandering shiver
that guides her touch,
fire that sedates her words.

shadows draw the world
in thin strokes,
like matchstick people
looking for a reason to burn.

Her allure can be tasted
the last thing you'd ever feel
like a second before impact
eyes wide as the stars...
revelation in a breath
held until the end
a sigh so profound
it carries your heart away.

Shadows make the world a stage
slow duet
and the feeling of resonance
when it sings in her eyes.

Lost in the width of the moment
flickering in a conscious flame
she moves like pain
slow and deliberate
tasting every breath
for a hint of blood
to know she's found me
true blue
and locked away.

Yours to the last you need
like a lucid dream
teetering on oblivion
til the shadow claims all.