The beauty and the silver,
The gold which shimmers down,
Enter the room,
Dresses flowing,
Suits black and handsome.

Flowers and crowns,
Friends and loves,
The music which flows,
Which impacts your heart,
Which pours throughout your soul.

The way they move,
The gently sway of feet,
The candles and ivy,
The tiaras and corsages,
The perfect night.

The hands which hold each other,
The way your eyes fuse,
The voices and words,
The ever lasting minutes,
Which speed by.

The candles die,
The music fades off,
Feet are hurting,
Mouths yawning,
The end of a night.

The way you entered,
The way you leave,
The same echo of happiness,
The once and forever join,
Of all being one.

By Siobhan
Date: 30/April/2004