Crystal tears fall down my face
My dying heart betrayed
You say you love me
Then turn away
I've given up on you
Why do you always come back to me?
When my heart is numb to you
You kiss my face and say you miss me
Then I naught hear from you again
How do you miss me?
Is what I ask
Do you miss my smiling face?
And loving heart?
Or do you miss the lust you have for me?
If you mean love to me
I want it to be true
I don't feel for you
But you still come back
What is it you want from me?
Haven't you done enough?
You touch me like you own me still
And I try to push away
But then you guilt trip
And feed me stories
These stories just bounce off the iron wall
I put up from you
How can it be you love me?
When you never come back again
To claim the words true?
Crystal tears come down my heart
Silent yet beautiful
Why can't you stop haunting me?
Just leave me be
You want to own me
Yet have nothing to do with me
I can't take this anymore!
Prove what you have for me
And don't stab my heart again!
Take the chain away
Unlock yourself from me
I want to be free!
Now instead of me chasing you
You chase me
But I don't want you!
Cut the crap
And stop feeding me these words!
I've shed enough crystal tears for you
I'm running away from you
If you can prove yourself to me
Then maybe I'll come back
But I want no more words
I want no more lies!
Stay away from me
Just go away!
Break your chain to me
What do you want?
I gave you what you wanted
And I wish I could turn back that clock
You got what you had come for
But why do you still come?
Just go away
Leave me and my crystal tears alone