The Math Class Babe

By:Andrew Troy Keller

I've gotten my first taste of Spring Fever on Saturday,May First,when me and my best friends had gone to the beach for some fun in the sun--and so far,all of us had a very good time on that beach,until I saw something that had gotten me confused.

Strolling on the beach in only a two piece bikini was a certain math teacher of ours,who we just happen to name Miss Maltin--only she wasn't wearing anything like she wore in Math Class and was also a Lisa Kudrow type babe.

Just then,after she had stopped walking and turned around to see who was following her,Miss Maltin had let out a sigh of relief,for she had noticed that I was the one who was following her ever she had gotten to the beach.

But then,after we had share a small giggle between us,we had moved ourselves closer to each other,we had wrapped our arms around each other and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after we had removed all of our clothes and placed our nude bodies on the sandy beach,we had started making mad,passionate love to each other,while everyone else was going about their own business.

A few minutes later,after we had completed our little sexual romp,we had collapsed due to exhaustion and fallen asleep within our naked arms.

Of course,we've kept the whole thing to ourselves.