Dream Time
Draw a circle in the sand,
big enough to stand inside.
Then look up at the sky
spin around fast until you're dizzy
and when you stop, start walking
in whichever direction you're facing.
Dream dream oh dream
the song I cannot find awake,
follow me up into the dark-shining-burn.
I remember--where was that place?
Where the sun and moon told each other stories
all day and night, and I could hear their chuckles crackling
in the space between ground and sky.
They say that Aborigines can walk across a desert
with no map, no GPS, just a song in their mind and stars overhead.
The Aborigines know.
They remember the Dream-Time. Back when
we swam in the air and everything was so bright
it froze my eyes and suddenly I could see.
I remember the song when I fall asleep and walk across the sand.