My heart's repeating
It melancholic melody
For all to see
But then,
It stops beating.

I try to place the pain
But it's tingling everywhere
Feels like acid rain
Inside of me as I forget to care
Twisting and turning
Clutching and burning
It's eating away at me inside
My veins are turning black
Hopelessness in trying to hide
From that in me which has gone slack

Corrupting and dissolving away
All that vital red nourishment
That sustains my soul cannot stay
I try to repent
But I have lost my voice
If only I could see my choice
Of whether to go or to remain
But all I feel and see is pain

The world begins to eat away
The blackness does my being flay
As my sight fades into the gray
Of a world not my own
It's too late now the seeds are sown
If only I had chosen
For now my soul is frozen
For I have forgotten to be

My heart's depleting
My inner melody
Burning away I finally see
But then,
It starts beating.

Veins riddled with black corruptions
Begin to course with an inky mix
Eaten away by my soul's disruptions
Seems impossible for me to fix
Getting strong now
Feeling wrong somehow
My eyes change from white to black
As I lay on my back
Staring up at a vision of when I was free
A phantom of what I used to be

Before my hatred consumed me.