You're poisoning my mind
I'm trying to forget it
But you're making it hard
I grab my head in the nights
When I start thinking of you
I close my eyes so tightly
And try to think anew
But you keep popping in
You're driving me insane

Please leave me alone
I want to be a shadow
A plain forgotten shadow
Something put,
In the back of your mind
Just please forget me

This is crazy
What do you want with me?
I practically gave you my life
And you threw away
It's like it was trash to you
And it seemed to belong there
What was wrong with me?
Why did you let it go?


And now you come back in
Like you were invited in
As I finally put up the walls
You try to break them down
What else do you want?
I gave you all I could.


And so now,
I seem to be
No longer a shadow
But this time.
I'm a toy
But guess what?
This toy has some tricks up her sleeve
And now,
You are the shadow
Put in the back of my mind
A forgotten shadow


A shadow.
A shadow.
A shadow.
Please, I just want to be.
.A shadow