The Love That Shouldn't Have Been.

Jonathan Pennington was the most popular boy in school. He was the star of the football and basketball team. Every time he smiled the girls would never fail to swoon over him. With his blonde hair and deep blue eyes, he had every girl in school enchanted by him. It was his senior year and with his good grades and excellent athletic abilities, he was practically guaranteed to get into any school he chose. Even though he had a couple of girlfriends, he actually believed he was too young to fall in love. But that all changed on the day he met Anissa...

It was the 1st day of school. Ordinarily Jonathan ignored the teacher introducing new students as much as possible; but not because he was stuck up, it was the mere fact the every upon every new student had the exact thing to say. How they are looking forward to this year at a new school and how they did at their old school. It all meshed into the same thing for Jonathan. Mrs. Feldman told them that a new student was arriving and Jonathan automatically reached for his notebook and pencil to start drawing cartoons. For that is what he always did.

"Now class, I would like you all to welcome Anissa Lee to our class. She comes all the way from New York. Anissa tell us something about you" Mrs. Feldman said in her usual cheery voice, for she was not the least bit prejudiced.

"Well uh, I lived in New York for a couple of years because my father is in the army. I like writing and my favorite pastime is drawing." She said with a slight smile.

This had caught Jonathan's attention because he was an avid drawer. He looked up at her and was shocked by two things.she was black, and how stunningly beautiful she was. Even though schools were integrated none had really been to Liberty High School. She was really the 1st black whom had been in his homeroom at all. He dropped his pencil as he stared at her face. Her light caramel complexion, her shiny raven colored hair, her mesmerizing brown eyes, it all enthralled him. As she finished talking and took her Mrs. Feldman told her to take her seat, she bent down in front of Jonathan's desk to pick up his pencil.

"You dropped this" she said in her timid voice as she put it on his desk. Jonathan was so flustered that he couldn't even reply to her. He just sat there and tried to muster up a voice. She smiled and took her seat to the left of him. From the beginning he knew there was something special about this girl. That he had to know her. He knew as the class rolled by and all he could think about was her that they were destined to be...

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